John Louis Home

John Louis Home Standard Closet System in Maple or Mahogany

100% solid wood constructionFits closets measuring up to 10 feet long6 shelves each measuring 12 inches deep18 feet of hanging spaceAttractive satin nickel finish hardware. With this Standard Closet System from John Louis Home you can properly outfit a closet up to 10 feet wide. Designed for reach-in closets (24 inches deep or less) or walk-in closets with minimal space this solid kiln-dried wood closet system is as attractive as it is functional. All the elements ainimal space this solid kiln-dried wood closet system is as attractive as it is functional. All the elements are designed to be wall-mounted for excellent accessibility and efficient use of space. Individual matching parts let you build on to increase capacity and function as needed. All wood components have rounded edges and all hardware has a satin nickel finish for an appealing style. Includes clear and easy directions on assembly and add-on possibilities. More about John Louis Home closet systems:More storage better organization higher quality and a simplified buying decision is what John Louis provides. If there ever was a closet in a box this is it! No more confusion about what you purchase and how to configure it. Elegance style and quality are at your fingertips. The John Louis closet system is unique because of its ventilated design but mostly because it's constructed of 100% solid wood that's kiln-dried and finished to block moisture intake and prevent warping. You only need to purchase one system because it's versatile enough to fit any of your closet dimensions. When installed the John Louis product delivers a custom closet look. All of this is available in one box at a Do It Yourself price. The product installation has been simplified with easy-to-follow step-by-step instructions and nearly parallels a Ready-to-Assemble format. If you can use a hammer screwdriver handsaw level and a tape measure then you can do this. Installation can be accomplished start to finish in about 90 minutes! Five easy steps for selection and installation1. Measure your closet for length (wall-to-wall) width (wall-to-door opening) and height (floor-to-ceiling). All closet organizers will need to be cut to size.2. Select your closet design style and finish (when applicable).3. Remove existing closet fixtures repair walls if necessary and paint walls prior to the installation of the new organizer.4. Measure and mark the location of hanging brackets and hooks. Secure to wall.5. Cut shelves if necessary to size. Install for completion. If your closet is less than 10 feet long it's easy to make the proper trim cuts to fit shorter lengths. Simply measure the width for your closet and trim the shelves and hanging bars accordingly with a power saw. This will allow you to customize the system to your specific dimensions. It is best to position the vertical hanging rails on wall studs for maximum support per the instructions. Tools needed: hammer screwdriver handsaw level and tape measure. Color: Maple - JLH-522. read more