JML Bath Towel, 2 Pack Microfiber Bath Towel Sets (30" x 60") - Extra Absorbent, Fast Drying Rhombus Embossed Blue

JML Embossed Bath Towel 30"x60" Microfiber 2 Pack Bath Towel SetsBath Towel Features:1.Microfiber Bath Towels can absorb 7 to 9 times its weight of dust or liquid.Because thefilament of microfiber is the 1/200 of the hair. When you use thebath towel to wipe dry your body and hair after bath shower, it only use a shorttime, which could let you enjoy dry and comfortable sooner.2.Quick dry bath towel: The space between the filaments of microfiber bath towel canabsorb aomfortable sooner.2.Quick dry bath towel: The space between the filaments of microfiber bath towel canabsorb a lot of water, so the bath towel have a strong water absorption. And becausethe water is only kept in the space, which makes the bath towel dry quickly, Sothat it could shorten your time to use towels again. The bath towel dries twiceto 3 times as fast as cotton towels. You will soon use the quick drying bathtowels again.3.Microfiber bath towel is super absorbent, compact and comfortable,this bath towel isefficient to take to work as the gym towel, camping towels, hiking towel, yogatowel, beach towel, travel towel, or to use on a sports field. 4.NO Fade AND SMELL: Machine wash or hand wash the bath towel and be confidentthat your towel won't fade or smell.5.The quick drying bath towel can inhibit bacterial breeding, because thebath dry quickly, which make the bacterial live hardly on the towel.So that you could get a no smell towel usually. Care Instruction:Wash the microfiber bath towel before first use! Machine wash under 40 with likecolors, do not bleach, do not iron.Please Note:Because computer monitors vary, the actual bath towel colors may appeardifferently to the picture on your monitor (often slightly lighter or darker).Product Specification:Material: 100% MicrofiberColor:Floral/rhombus embossed coral,grey,blue,greenTowel Size: 30" x 60" Type:Bath Towels For Daily UsingPackage Included:2 x Bath Towels read more