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Full Colour Instant Pot Cookbook: Healthy 500 Days of Instant Pot Healthy Recipes I have put together an exceptional collection of FULL COLOUR Healthy Instant Pot Recipes. Oh yes. We all love our Instant Pot. It makes our lives so easy, just drop the ingredients, select the right setting... and off you go. Worry-free right? What if I told you, now you must worry EVEN LESS... How is that possible? This is what is included in Instant Pot Cookbook: Healthy 500 Days of orry EVEN LESS... How is that possible? This is what is included in Instant Pot Cookbook: Healthy 500 Days of Instant Pot Recipes - FULL COLOUR Quick & Easy recipes that are good for your health. Guaranteed. - Beautiful layout Easy to follow recipes with all the info you need, including replacement for certain ingredients - Nutritional information, number of serves and recipes organised by ingredients. - 500 DAYS of healthy Instant Pot meal schedules at the end of the book that will allow you to cook non-stop, tailored to your dietary needs. - Bespoke Dietary Needs Information on how to it right, should you choose to follow one of the included diets. - Detailed guidelines and tips on how to cook and improve further cooking the recipes. - Wide range of recipes including all types of cuisines that will satisfy the most demanding tastes. A before and after in Instant Pot Cooking Well, taking care of our health while enjoying our meals is a concern that sooner or later, we all have. You will be able to enjoy delicious recipes and keep your weight in check! How good is that? If you like the idea of enjoying good meals every day while staying healthy, this is your book. Why is this Instant Pot Cookbook better than any other in the market? The books you will usually find in amazon fall into these two categories: - Cheap self-published cookbooks including NO PICTURES, no dietary information, no tips, and missing steps in the preparation process. - The Typical Best Sellers These will draw your attention and will have pictures in the first pages, although most of the times not for every single recipe. Loads of broad advice, but nothing fulfilling. Instead with this cookbook you are getting - Full colour pictures for EVERY RECIPE. Not even one missing having to figure out how to make it look! - Detailed Information for ALL MEALS Nothing missing, all straight to the point, no fluff, no blurb no redundant stuff. Then my question is, if you like Instant Pot Cooking and staying healthy... What are you waiting for read more