Plaza 600 GSM 100% Cotton 6 Piece Towel Set, Hotel Quality, Soft and Absorbent

Premium 600 GSM WeightThe standard measurement to determine weight, quality, and performance of fabrics (including towels) is grams per square meter (GSM). Towels lower in GSM are lighter, thinner and usually less expensive because they tend to wear down more quickly. Towels higher in GSM, like this Towel Set, are of superior quality and offer a far more luxurious and sensual experience, the kind you find in world-class hotels and spas, they will be denser, heavier,urious and sensual experience, the kind you find in world-class hotels and spas, they will be denser, heavier, and more absorbent, assuring fast absorbency, quick drying, and lasting durability. These are much more expensive, but often worth the price because they will last many, many years.Complete Bath SetThe 6-piece Premium Towels set provides a complete package, of two washcloths, two bath towels, and two hand towels to meet all your needs. Turn to this premium set for a comfortable, plush and fluffy feel whether you are drying off your hands, face, or body.Luxurious Spa and Hotel QualityPamper yourself with spa quality towels at home. There isn't much that's better than stepping out of a refreshing shower and wrapping yourself in the luxury of a soft, absorbent, cozy towel. With this towel set, you can have that feeling every single day. It won't just be a treat anymore, it'll be your way of life.These incredibly comfortable, extra plush, and fine towels are made with the finest 600 GSM 100% pure cotton for the richest and most luxurious experience.Soft To The Touch and Highly AbsorbentThese towels are made with fine 100% cotton which makes them incredibly smooth, soft, comfortable, and extra plush, and they will get even softer over time. They are soft enough for everyday use on face and gentle areas, or for drying off your baby, without having any worries of scratching their delicate skin.The high GSM weight makes them super absorbent and assures fast absorbency and quick drying while completely drying off your hands and body. read more