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How To Organize Your Closet For Good

There’s no doubt about it: Organized closets are efficient, allow for better care of your items, and help facilitate calm and quick mornings that don’t include wasted time searching for items lost in the clutter. While we’d all like a perfect and organized space, some closets have size restraints that make finding room for items a little more of a challenge, or just don’t have a clear, organized setup which can end up leading to repeated disarray down the road. Read on for six ideas and additions to turn any closet from a mess of piled clothes into a neat and tidy space you will love.

Garment Rack

Closet Organizer Ideas

Hanging Closet Organizers

Obtaining an organized closet is a wonderful goal. It creates a stress-free environment that is beneficial to both your clothing items and your wellbeing. Depending on the size and design of the space, however, it can be hard to fit all your belongings in a tidy way—and keep it that way. Ideas for organizing can be as small as adding new storage baskets or as big as installing a complete new built-in customized to fit your exact needs.

To determine what level of revamp you need, first take the time to go through your items and donate or discard unused or unwanted pieces. When you are down to your absolute favorites, take a look at your existing space to see what has worked in the past and what hasn’t. If your shoes are a problem area, for example, a tower or hanging shoe organizer might be your answer. Decluttering, evaluating, and organizing are all important steps to take during this process.

Complete Closet Organizer Systems

Closet Organizer Systems

If your space needs a drastic change, closet organizer systems can be a priceless addition. These can be completely customized to meet your exact needs and space. They can fill up the closet and divide it into clear-cut sections for your clothes and other wardrobe items or add to existing options. Shelves can be hung down for hats, shoes, folded clothes, or accessories, and hanging rods can be installed at different levels to best accommodate the varying lengths of your items. These systems can be wire for easy installation and removal, or they can be a sturdy wood for a more long-term approach.

Additional hanging organizers can be added for even more structured storage. From accessory hooks to temporary shelves to garment bags to separate your delicate clothes, hanging organizers can help utilize extra space and can be easily added or removed as your requirements evolve.

Closet Island

Closet Island

If your shelves or hanging racks are too full and you have an open area in the middle of the room, a closet island is a great way to add storage and effectively maximize unused space. The island can feature drawers to store smaller items like jewelry or other accessories, or shelves to store shoes, baskets, or extra linens and blankets. A key to avoiding the allusion of even more clutter in your space is to try to keep storage in the island and off the top. A fun plant or mini zen garden are two focal-item options to place on top instead of loose makeup tubes or folded clothes. For open shelves within the island, use baskets to contain your smaller items for an overall clean aesthetic.

Over-The-Door Closet Storage

Over-The-Door Hanger

Sometimes closet space is a bit smaller than what would be ideal, but this is when creativity and out-of-the-box ideas can shine. Taking advantage of space for storage that you wouldn’t normally think of can help keep high-traffic areas from becoming cluttered. The back of the closet door is a prime example of a space that is relatively hidden from sight but that can provide an impressive amount of storage if used correctly. Try an over-the-door hanger for purses, scarves, or jewelry, a multi-pocket organizer for books, notebooks, or magazines, or a stacked basket hanger for even larger items.

Garment Rack

Garment Rack Displaying Clothes

Another way to organize your closet and introduce intentionality into your dressing routine is to pull some of your items out to display. Garment racks or tower clothing racks are trendy options that can hold your entire wardrobe if you’re living in a small space like a studio apartment, or part of it as an aesthetically pleasing extension of your closet. To simplify your morning routine, you can even pick out your outfit for the next day and store it on the rack.

Shelf Divider

Shelf Divider

Organize your shelves neatly and efficiently with shelf dividers. These handy tools allow you to stack folded items higher without them tipping over and keep stacks in their contained, designated spaces. Dividers also help if you’re storing items prone to falling over, such as tall boots or bags. These dividers come in various styles and materials to match the existing aesthetic of your closet. Go with a clear plastic for a divider that’s almost hidden, a wire metal one for an industrial approach, or a modern rose gold for a stylish accent.