This Is the Secret to Making Your Home Look Like a Lush Plant Paradise

If most of the photos on your Pinterest boards consist of adorable apartments filled with dense flowers and succulents, but you lack the green thumb to even remember to water such plants in real life, we've got you covered. The Home Depot is home to some incredible (and super realistic) faux plants and arrangements at affordable prices, so you can live the Plant Mom life of your dreams without all the extra work.

Black ceramic pot filled with succulents from The Home Depot photo

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Succulent Garden

Keeping a well-maintained succulent garden is harder than it seems: It requires precise amounts of soil and gravel for proper drainage, regular watering (but not over-watering!), and just the right amount of sunlight. Luckily, this succulent set helps you avoid all of that work, while still providing the real look of a succulent garden you're after. Complete with an assortment of plants in a ceramic pot, you can place it anywhere in your home or apartment for a little greenery and a modern boho look—without the hassle.

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Faux cactus plant in a black pot from The Home Depot photo

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Desert Cactus

Cultivate a truly impressive cactus without actually having to live in desert conditions. This faux cactus stands three feet tall and looks like the real thing, making it ideal for adding some greenery to your space without having to worry about kids or pets getting pricked. We recommend placing it on a side table or in an empty corner to add some cool visuals to the room without being overly flashy.

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Three hanging basket plants from The Home Depot photo

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Matching Hanging Baskets

Get the lush, plant-filled space of your dreams with this matching hanging basket set. Filled with three different (but well-coordinated) plants, they'll add an eclectic look without the hassle of traditional plants. Whether you hang them all in the same room or in different parts of the house to pull decor elements together, they're an easy way to add a bright, lively touch anywhere.

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Pink faux orchid flowers from The Home Depot photo

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Realistic Orchid Flower

Orchids are notoriously tricky to grow at home—they're finicky and require just the right conditions to grow and thrive. Luckily, this version gives you all the beauty of bright pink flowers with none of the work. With a realistic mossy base and pretty round bowl, it's the perfect centerpiece for a coffee table or for breathing some life into a bookshelf.

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Fiddle leaf tree from The Home Depot photo

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UV-Resistant Fiddle Leaf Tree

Bringing a real tree into your home can seem like a good idea, until you remember the constant watering, shedding of leaves, and tricky light conditions that it requires to stay alive. This fiddle leaf tree gives you one of the most in-demand indoor plants, minus the time-consuming upkeep. Bonus: It's UV-resistant, so you don't have to worry about the artificial leaves fading or looking unrealistic over time.

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Large white hydrangea with a glass vase from The Home Depot photo

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Silk Hydrangea Arrangement

Is there any better sight to wake up to than fresh flowers by your bedside? We think not—and now, you can get that feeling every day with these gorgeous faux hydrangeas. Bright and full, their simple white color and chic hourglass vase will match any bedroom decor and become a timeless addition to your home for years to come. They give you the delicate look of fresh hydrangeas—without the delicate maintenance.

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Vines of greens in a cone hanging basket from The Home Depot photo

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Mixed Greens Hanging Basket

If your dream space is one that's literally overflowing with plants, this is the faux flower arrangement for you. Its modern cone-shaped hanging vase is practically obscured by the tumbling vines and mixed greenery overflowing from the basket. The best part? You won't have to keep a step-stool handy to take care of this arrangement: Simply hang it up and go about your day, stopping to admire it every now and then, of course.

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Indoor faux orange tree with black pot from The Home Depot photo

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Indoor Orange Tree

Ok, we know that oranges growing indoors isn't the most realistic thing ever. But how cute is this faux orange tree? One look will transport you to a tropical paradise in Brazil, or a breezy day in the Mediterranean—an especially appealing vision during the dreary winter months. These oranges look so authentic, you'll want to grab one off the branch and take a bite with your breakfast. Not that we recommend that.

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Pink cherry blossom bonsai tree with pot from The Home Depot photo

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Cherry Blossom Bonsai Tree

Cherry blossoms are traditionally reserved for a short time window of the springtime—but they don't have to be. This faux bonsai tree is sprinkled with silk blossoms that'll add a pop of subtle pink color to your space, bringing tranquility and maybe even stress-relief with it. It's perfect to place on a work desk as a simple reminder to take a few deep breaths and enjoy the view.

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Indoor and outdoor faux palm tree with black pot from The Home Depot photo

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Indoor/Outdoor Palm Tree

Are you feeling the tropical vibes? This indoor palm tree brings paradise into your space without any intensive maintenance or green thumb needed. Since it's two-and-a-half feet tall, it'll make a great conversation piece in a living room or an accent piece in a light-filled, spacious bedroom. And since it's UV-resistant, it won't fade under sunlight, even if you decide to take it outdoors as a patio decoration.

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