7 Easy Tips for an Organized Refrigerator

Use these expert tips and picks for restoring instant order to your refrigerator.

How to Organize Your Refrigerator

There's nothing quite as satisfying as an organized refrigerator. When you can see everything you've got to work with, cooking and meal prep become a cinch. Need help getting your fridge in order? Try these tips and tricks from organizing pro Lisa Zaslow.

Think Clear(ly)
Store food in containers that you can see through. With opaque containers, it's easy to forget what's in there so you end up not using that food.

Place Leftovers at Eye Level
If you can see them, you're more likely to use them. Also, label and date your leftovers.

Containerize Fruit and Veggies
Produce savers will keep them fresher longer.

Get Clever with Condiments
Put sauces, nut butters, and jams on a turntable or lazy Susan so they don't get buried in the back of your fridge.

Store Meat Strategically
Keep raw meat on the lowest (coldest) shelf so there's no danger of it contaminating other foods. It's a good idea to use storage containers for meat in case the store packaging leaks.

Save Space by Storing Cans and Bottles Sideways
You don't have to reconfigure your shelves to fit items. Just slot them into an organizer.

Group Some Items Into "Kits"
Create a "smoothie section" with juice or almond milk, yogurt, seeds, and flaxseed powder. Then all you have to do is add frozen fruit and blend. This also works for sandwich fixings, washed and cut veggies, recipe "kits" and lots more. Keep your kit components together in bins for easy access to everything you need.