Give Your Home Office an Upgrade With These Productive (and Cozy!) Essentials

From office chairs (that are actually stylish) to creativity-boosting desk accessories, Houzz has everything you need to make your home office a space you'll actually look forward to spending time in.

White writing desk with three drawers from Houzz photo

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Mid-Century Writing Desk

The most obvious essential for any home office is, well, the desk. This one is ideal thanks to its simplistic style and its functional design. Complete with three drawers, you'll have plenty of storage space, and desktop space for a laptop, notebook, lamp, and whatever else you need on hand.

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White multicolored patterned rug with irregular shape from Houzz photo

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Daydream Printed Rug

Every home office deserves a visually interesting decor piece—somewhere to rest your eyes when your deep in thought or just need to get your creative juices flowing. This boho-inspired rug is the perfect option. It not only adds a comfy element to your space, but it looks ultra-cool while doing it, thanks to its unique design.

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Desk lamp with round black shade, gold-colored rod, white rounded base from Houzz photo

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Contemporary Table Lamp

Who says desk lamps have to be boring? This retro-meets-modern option will provide ample lighting for your workspace without sacrificing style. Its steel shade is adjustable, so you can alter the lighting as needed. If you love this look, we suggest snagging the matching floor lamp too.

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Gray office chair on black legs from Houzz photo

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Upholstered Office Chair

When you think of an "office chair" you may think of something stiff, uncomfortable, and utterly boring—a.k.a. everything this chair is not. Even though it seems like a perfectly modern, comfortable piece of accent furniture, it actually swivels a full 360 degrees so you're able to reach anything around your desk with ease. The flannel-like upholstery and firm foam cushioning are just the icing on the cake.

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White three-tier wall shelf with photos and knick knacks from Houzz photo

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3-Tier Display Wall Shelf

An easy way to maximize your office storage is to make use of valuable wall space. This display shelf can be used to exhibit your favorite wall art or can be used to store important papers or office supplies. We recommend filling these shelves with a mix of both functional and personal items by setting organizational boxes next to family photos and decor items next to pencil holders.

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Bronze metal accordion file holder from Houzz photo

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File Holder

If filing cabinets aren't exactly your thing, give this accordion file holder a try. Place your notebooks, folders, and loose pieces of paper in separate slots to keep your office space tidy and organized. The non-slip foot pads ensures the file holder stays put, and you can simply fold it together and stow it away when it's not in use.

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Black laptop stand from Houzz photo

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Monitor Stand

Laptops are incredibly useful and necessary workspace tools—but staring down at them for hours at a time can also lead to a sore neck and cramped shoulders. This genius monitor stand lifts your laptop a few inches off your desk, providing your neck, back, and shoulders some much-needed relief. Plus, its drawer and side organizers offer an extra bit of storage space for papers or pens.

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Two ceramic planters with brown and green painted designs from Houzz photo

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Ceramic Planters

Keeping plants at your desk has been shown to help increase productivity and these adorable planters will serve as a reminder to add some more greenery to your workspace. These large and small planters come in a matching abstract design and will act as the perfect home for your new leafy greens.

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Pistachio green midcentury modern chair with wooden legs from Houzz photo

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Vintage Flair Chair

This light green chair provides the perfect pop of color to your office space without feeling overwhelming. Its vibrant color and mid-century silhouette add an effortlessly cool vibe to your space while also providing you with a comfortable spot to sit and think.

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