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How To Find The Perfect Patio Furniture

A patio is the perfect place for catching some rays, grilling out, and hosting parties under the stars. It can be a relaxing introvert’s dream or the ideal place to host social gatherings with friends and family. With various different options and styles to choose from, patio furniture can help you create a space perfect for you. Here are the pieces you need based on your entertaining style.

outdoor conversation set with cushions

For The Happy Hostess

If you love gathering friends or family at your home for dinner parties, game nights, or movies, your patio should be inviting and filled with plenty of comfy seating options. You’ll also want to add accessories to make sure your guests are as comfortable as can be.

Conversation Sets:

Conversation sets include both a table and seating options. They come in various different styles and sizes, so it’s easy to find the right one for your space. If you have a small patio, a conversation set with two chairs and an end table can be set in the corner for a special little nook to relax and talk. If you have a large space, a set including a sofa, armchairs, and a large coffee table provides ample seating with a coordinated, styled look.


Depending on the size of your patio, you may need some stand-alone chairs to provide extra seating for guests. Get a stackable set that you can tuck away when not in use, or a set that doubles as decor. You can also go with a bench that can be a holder for plants or decorations when you’re not hosting, and seating when your patio is filled with happy guests. Keep an extra blanket or two on hand for evening parties in case anyone gets chilly.


Vitamin D is important, but some guests like the sun more than others. A large umbrella will guarantee you always have a shaded area for hot days or for guests who prefer the shade. Go with an option that works with your table to shade your mealtimes, or a freestanding umbrella to cover sofas or other seating areas.

For The Bookworm

If your ideal afternoon is relaxing outside with a book or show, comfort is key when picking out furniture for your space. You’ll want seating options that are cozy yet roomie, and tables within arms reach to hold your drink or snacks while you lounge.


Chaises effortlessly blend style with comfort. Curl up with up magazine or stretch out for a snooze on this versatile seating option.

Coffee Tables:

A coffee table is a must for relaxation-focused spaces for both its aesthetic and usability. Place your breakfast and morning coffee on it, gather around it with your book club guests, or display your favorite conversation starters.


An ottoman is the multitasking addition to complete your cozy space. Ottomans provide support for you put your feet up after a long day and double as seating when you have extra guests. Go with a fluffy pouf or a hollow cube that offers storage space inside perfect for storing blankets or pillows.

For The Chef

If the kitchen is your happy place, creating an outdoor space to cook and eat allows you to join the party instead of being cooped up indoors while the fun is happening outdoors. From evening grilling to whipping up appetizers for happy hour, an outdoor kitchen is perfect for entertaining.


An outdoor island provides cooking space and sometimes even additional seating. This island can feature appliances like stovetops or ovens, or it can be as simple as a mini fridge and counter space. It’s the perfect patio addition for chefs who love to cook while spending time with their guests.

Outdoor Prep Stations:

If your space isn’t large enough to accommodate an outdoor kitchen, a mobile prep station might be the smaller solution. You can start the cooking process inside before your guests arrive, and use the prep station to apply the finishing touches.

Dining Tables:

Of course, a space to eat is the finishing touch for a chef’s patio. A dining table can provide the space to gather around a meal, as well as provide additional seating when food isn’t the focal point of the gathering.

For The Family

If quality time with family is your goal, creating a fun space that the whole family can enjoy is ideal. You’ll need seating options that are durable, easy-to-take care of, and provide enough space for the whole family no matter what your activity is for the night. From movie nights to picnics on the patio, consider these furniture pieces.

Sofas or Sectionals:

A comfy sofa is the perfect place to snuggle up with the family for an evening of reading books or to relax after dinner. Sectionals work great for smaller spaces as some designs allow you to make the most out of a corner of the room.

Dining Benches:

If chairs are too bulky for your patio, consider adding a dining bench. This popular farmhouse-style seating option seats more people and takes up less space than dining chairs. The relaxed look of the bench also works well with the aesthetic of most outdoor patios.

Fire Pits or Rings:

Ideal for warming up on chilly evenings or roasting the perfect s’more, a fire ring or pit works great for patios that are made of fire-resistant materials. If your patio isn’t conducive for a fire ring, consider adding it to your yard instead, or go with a fire table which raises the flame and often uses alternative fuels that are safer for use on a patio. Since fire is involved, however, make sure to make your choice based on the optimal safety conditions and laws/rules for your home or town.