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Dining Room Sets Every Host Will Love

One of the best places to gather with your family or friends is around a dining room table. Whether you’re entertaining groups of guests or eating daily meals with your family, food has wonderful potential to bring people together—especially if you have the perfect space to do so. The dining room is also a great area for crafting, game nights, and more. The focal point of the room—the dining room table—can be casual or formal, big or small, and in whichever style your home decor calls for. No matter if you’re looking for specific pieces or a full set complete with everything you need, this guide will help you put together a dining room space perfect for you and your home.

Dining Room

Dining Room Essentials

Dining rooms are the ideal place to gather and eat, so the furniture and accessories should cater to exactly that. While decoration and accessories complete the room, there are three main essentials every dining room needs no matter what your hosting style is.

—A Table: First and foremost, you’ll need a dining room table to sit at. This table should accommodate the size of your family, or the number of guests you like to host. Since this table is the focal point of the room, it’s often fun to decorate it with flower bouquets or statement pieces even when it’s not in use. This decor can change with the seasons to keep the room exciting and fresh.

—Seating: Next you’ll need dining chairs. Choose between cloth covered chairs for a formal setting, fun contemporary options for a modern room, or classic wooden chairs with fun cushions for a timeless option that’s easy to clean. Or you can go with the farmhouse style of using benches, which can easily fit lots of people with a charming and relaxed aesthetic.

—Furniture & Accessories: Finally, you’ll need built-ins or accessories for storage or serving space. These are especially important if your dining room is separate from the kitchen. A built-in, sidebar, or shelving unit with open shelves allows you to store your tableware while displaying the pieces at the same time. A bar cart is a fun and popular addition to dining rooms that also serves as storage space as well as a fun decorative accessory.

Dining Room Table Sets

If you’re resigning an entire dining room or starting from scratch, a great option to consider is a dining room table set. These sets come complete with a table and seating options included, all designed to complement each other and work together aesthetically. They can be purchased in any size or decorating style that best fits your home, whether that’s small and mid-century modern or large and traditional.

—Modern and Contemporary Dining Room Sets: If your style is modern, choose a set with clean lines and neutral colors. Add decorations and accessories inspired by nature or your favorite art to create a relaxing and stress-free environment. Sleek lighting options and pops of wood detailing often look great in rooms with this style decor as well. These sets can be purchased to fit the space of the room, with more or less chairs and the perfect sized table.

You can also go with a dining room set that is unlike any other. Choosing a unique design, such as a geometric table or a set that incorporates a couch or bench seating options. Pieces that stand out in a fun and interesting way can even double as wonderful conversation starters. These sets can be paired with fun accents like modern wallpaper that’s anything like boring patterns of the past.

—Formal Dining Room Sets: If your style is more traditional, a dining room set with gorgeous dark wood and luxurious cloth-covered chairs will add elegance and charm to any home. Beautiful traditional detailing and accents make a formal dining set feel regal yet inviting, and pair great with grand chandeliers and a large area rug. And don’t forget the small, yet very important additional details like cloth napkins and complete place settings. When it all comes together, your room will be beautiful and dignified.

—Small Dining Room Sets: Even if your dining area is small, you can still create a space that is perfect for family and guests. No matter what your decorating style is, sets come in all sizes to create a space you love. For very small spaces, try an expanding dining room set. Often these include leafs to put in when you want your table to fit more people, but can be taken out and stored when the table is not in use. You can also have extra chairs on hand to pull out before guests arrive.