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The Online Buying Guide to Furniture

Buying furniture online can be a rewarding and highly efficient shopping experience. You have access to far more options than you would have in-store, can filter your results based on personal variables like your budget and material preference, and can have your pieces delivered to your door without having to worry about loading and transporting them yourself. But how do you pick perfect pieces online? Here are a few key things to keep in mind when shopping for each major room in your home.

Furnished Living Room

Living Room

A living room is a space to gather, spend time with family and friends, or relax after a long day. It should be comfortable and inviting—a space to put your feet up, unwind, and let go of stressors for a moment. While there are basic furniture pieces most people immediately think of when furnishing a living room, there are unique options that can add character and function to your room as well—all of which can successfully be bought online.

First and foremost, you’ll need seating. Depending on the size of your room, this could mean a sofa or a loveseat, supplemental chairs, a rocking chair, a recliner, or a furniture set that includes everything you need. If you’re looking for a seating option that adds a touch of class and sophistication while still offering a comfortable place to sit and relax, try a settee. These often accommodate up to two people and are a bit slimmer than some other seating options, like a fluffy sofa. Or, opt for an elegant daybed perfect for lounging in style.

Along with your seating you’ll need additional storage/decor pieces to complete the room. Adding traditional accent pieces with fun twists adds character to both the look and the feel of the room. Corner bookcases, simple rung ladders to display blankets on, unexpected coffee tables, and fun storage like ottomans are all great options to consider. When shopping for these items online, pay close attention to the sizing dimensions for the items, as some can look bigger or smaller than they actually are based on the framing and the angle of the display photo.

Dining Room

Some homes have a separate room that functions as a dining space, while others have a combined open concept that connects the dining area to the kitchen. Depending on the size of your dining room, you’ll need a few key items that support the main function of the room—gathering with friends or family to share a meal.

A dining room table is an essential piece of furniture in this room. If you have a large room that can accommodate a large table, make sure you have adequate seating to go with it. In rooms like this, an area rug can help keep the overall look of the room concise and keep the table from appearing too large. If the room is smaller, unique options like a corner dining table or an expandable option take full advantage of the space available and can help the room live up to its full potential. When shopping for dining tables online, take the time to do some research on the material of the table as each different one requires different levels of maintenance and can vary with durability. Storage items and multifunctional pieces like open shelving units, bar carts, and sidebars are also great dining room additions. Think about what you will using the room for—whether that’s formal dinner parties with friends or laid back meals with family—and choose your pieces according to that.


For chefs or food enthusiasts, the kitchen is a space to create meals and feed loved ones. It often ends up as the gathering space during parties or gatherings, and is where families sometimes eat quick breakfasts or meal prep for the week. Kitchen furniture essentials include storage options, prep space, seating options, and fun accessories.
If you have the space, an island can be a great option for additional storage and prep space in the kitchen. A good seating option is a breakfast nook, which is often the perfect cozy spot to enjoy a meal.


A key element to keep in mind while choosing furniture for your bedroom is comfort and color. Some colors are said to have calming effects, such as light blues, greens, lavenders, or other neutral, cool colors. With the right furniture and decor—such as the ideal bed for a great night of sleep, a nightstand that holds your nighttime essentials, and a dresser to store your clothes and linens—your bedroom can become the perfect retreat area to start your day on the right foot or unwind in the evening. When picking out these items online, you have great access to inspirational resources to find the style you want to go with.


A gorgeous vanity or cabinet can take your bathroom to the next level. This is a room that you can splurge on, with items like a marble-top vanity, or save with items that look similar but with a smaller price tag (like an engineered stone vanity top). Keep your budget in mind and pay attention to the maintenance required for certain bathroom furniture pieces.

Home Office

Your home office is a space to be productive, find inspiration, and accomplish daily work tasks. You’ll need a desk to sit at and seating options for clients or guests to sit during meetings. Making your desk the focal point of the room ensures that the purpose of the space remains clear. Allow your desk to stand out by placing a sophisticated area rug underneath that coordinates with the style of the room. Fun storage and decor pieces like unique bookcases can add style and function to the office as well.