Houzz Has Everything You Need to Build Your Dream Laundry Room

Who says laundry rooms have to be dreary and drab? These picks not only make your laundry room a space you'll actually want to spend time in, but they're super-useful, too.

White laundry sorting station with ironing board on wheels photo

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Laundry Sorter and Ironing Station

Keep your dirty laundry effortlessly separated and out of the way with this dual-purpose sorting station. Its top also functions as an ironing board, so there's no need to dust off that huge, cumbersome one every time your clothes need a quick press. Since this station is on wheels, you can roll it wherever you need it in your laundry room with ease, and its removable sorting bags can go wherever you do.

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White and purple iron photo

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Stainless Steel Iron and Steamer

If it's time to upgrade your old hand-me-down iron, try this top-of-the-line version with all the bells and whistles. It features a nonstick stainless steel plate with circulated steam to smooth even the most stubborn wrinkles without snagging fabric, along with a precise temperature control, automatic shutoff, and uniform heating across the surface of the plate. Its micro-spray mist also helps steam clothes like a dream, making this iron a truly all-in-one laundry room essential.

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White mounted drying rack with metal hooks photo

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Accordion Drying Rack

Floor space is always a valuable commodity—luckily, this wall-mounted drying rack makes the most of all your space. It extends to provide 10 hanging racks, along with five heavy-duty hooks, all in a classic white wood finish that's water-resistant, too. Additional shelving space at the top is the perfect spot for laundry detergent and stain remover, or decorative knick-knacks. And when it's not in use, simply fold the rack back towards the wall, where it sits unobtrusively until next time.

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Light brown woven storage basket photo

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Sisal Storage Basket

Who says laundry baskets have to be strictly utilitarian? This sisal storage basket is functional thanks to its generous size and sturdy handles, while still looking pretty enough to perk up your laundry room. It's the perfect basket for sorting socks, organizing laundry supplies like detergent and softener, or stowing away winter supplies like hats and mittens.

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Yellow and gray ikat patterned rug photo

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Ikat Rug

Cozy up your laundry space thanks to this sunny, soothing rug. It brings a pop of color to what can otherwise be a dark space, and gives the room a bit of added warmth, too. With its trellis ikat pattern, it pairs perfectly in a contemporary or boho-themed room. Soon enough, you'll be headed to the laundry room just to get a glimpse of this pretty rug.

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Floating wooden shelves with items on top photo

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Floating Shelves

Floating shelves are a simple way to make use of the space atop your washing machine or dryer. Made of gorgeous walnut wood, this set of two complements a wide number of decor styles and is easy to assemble with just a few screws and anchors. They're the perfect place to store detergent pods, rags, and all your other laundry essentials in style, although nearly 1,500 five-star reviewers love their look (and straightforward assembly) in practically every room of their home as well.

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Light wood bookshelf with black metal details photo

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X-Frame Bookshelf

Lesser-used shoes and out-of-season clothes need a home, too. This three-tier shelf will help you keep them organized whether you're storing them openly for easy access or stowing them in storage bins. It's spacious enough to hold a lot, but still unobtrusive and easy to tuck away in a corner or against an open wall. Plus, with its metal frame and light driftwood finish that add up to a slightly industrial-chic design, it's a piece you'll want to show off.

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Set of 15 light wood dress hangers photo

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Dress Hangers

Closet hack: You can save valuable space in your bedroom by storing special occasion dresses and suits (read: clothes you rarely wear) in the laundry room, instead. To keep them as nice as the day they were purchased, use these high-quality wooden dress hangers. Available in a five or 15-piece set, each hanger features a bar along the bottom to hang matching pants or ties, not to mention they look timeless and upscale in any closet or hanging rack.

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White wire cart with three tiers photo

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Household Cart

Some laundry products are more utilitarian than others; items like bleach, rubber gloves, and starch sprays are best kept in a separate area to avoid any unwanted mix-ups or spills. Stow them in their own spot thanks to this three-tier wire cart. Since it's on wheels, you can move it exactly where you want it, and its white epoxy-coated steel frame is durable enough to last for years to come. With this final addition, you can rest assured that everything is organized and in its place.

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