6 Unique Coffee Table Books Your Guests Will Actually Want to Read

Staged photo of a History of Photography book and the COCO Chanel book displayed on a coffee table.

Anything goes when it comes to table decor, but I like to put good reads with beautiful artwork on display. Below, you'll see I scoured the market and narrowed down my top six picks. Happy shopping—and reading!

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In The Company of Women

As a personal favorite, I can vouch for the amazing content and stunning piece of art that is In The Company of Women. The author of this book, Grace Bonney, interviewed more than 100 women in creative fields, from fashion designers and chefs to artists and entrepreneurs. This inspiring book shares the stories of empowered and passionate women; with stunning images and fabulous interviews, your guests won't be able to put this coffee table book down.

To Buy: $35; anthropologie.com

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Platters and Boards

When it comes to cookbooks, Platter and Boards definitely makes the coffee table cut. You'll be drooling over the incredible images and recipes, which share tips and tricks for making shared platters and spreads for different occasions, as well as party planning ideas. You and your friends are bound to find some culinary inspiration with this book.

To Buy: $18; amazon.com

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Homebody by Joanna Gaines at Target photo

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Attention Joanna Gaines fans: Her book, Homebody, is an absolute must. This home decorating guide walks you through room by room, giving you ideas on how to mix your personal style with ultimate comfort. It has practically perfect reviews, with several shoppers saying it makes a great gift. (If you plan to give it to friends, we bet you'll enjoy flipping through the pages when you visit their house!) Created to inspire, this is one book you definitely don't want to hide on a shelf.

To Buy: $25; target.com

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All in Good Taste by Kate Spade New York on Amazon photo

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All in Good Taste

Your guests will quickly know all of your hosting tips and tricks with this so-stylish coffee table book, All in Good Taste. Created as a party planning and hosting guide, this adorable book from Kate Spade New York has quotes, recipes, graphics, and pointers for giving the cutest gifts and having every detail covered when it comes to entertaining. One five-star reviewer raves, "I purchased this book for myself and I just love the witty way it lays out etiquette, style, and how to host the perfect party."

To Buy: $12; amazon.com

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Terrain gardening book from Anthropologie photo

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With 450 beautiful images, the Terrain book, will bring a gallery of nature right to your coffee table. Sharing secrets about how to get plants to bloom in winter and creating homemade wreaths, it's full of ideas for bringing more of the outdoors in. You and your guests will be inspired to incorporate greenery into every room of your home. And to complement the cover, I recommend placing a chic planter next to it on the coffee table.

To Buy: $35; anthropologie.com

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The Fashion Book

Last but not least, this pick happens to be my personal favorite: The Fashion Book by Phaidon, or the "fashion bible" as some would call it. Not only is it a fabulous piece of art to display on your coffee table, but it's full of information and inspiration. This book spans the last 200 years of the greatest fashion influencers from around the world in accessories, graphics, photography, and more. If you (or your frequent guests) are even remotely interested in fashion, this book is essential.

To Buy: $37; amazon.com

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