These High-End Furniture Pieces Fit Almost Any Space—and They Have Hidden Features

Rearranging furniture used to be a frustrating task that would leave me unsatisfied with the way my home looked no matter how I organized my belongings. Thankfully, my wish of owning furniture that was stylish, customizable, and fit my space was granted when I stumbled upon Coddle's latest sofa and platform bed designs, and now I can confidently say I love the way my home looks!

This Is the Best Platform Bed I've Ever Owned

After moving from a small two-bedroom apartment to a spacious four-bedroom house, I decided it was time to ditch my old hand-me-down bed from college and treat myself to something nicer. Choosing the Coddle Pixel Platform Bed was a no-brainer after I saw how easy it was to assemble and discovered its hidden feature.

I own an older home and to say there is a lack of outlets is an understatement, which is why I was so excited to ditch my extension cords and try the built-in outlets in the Pixel Platform bed. I ordered a king size bed in the shade Saratoga Indigo for my master bedroom and it has been a total game changer. Each side of the headboard has an outlet and two USB ports that allow me to use my table lamp while charging my phone and smartwatch without a long cord running across my room.

The bed (along with my modular sofa sectional) were delivered fairly quickly and assembled by a local delivery team at no extra charge. My 12-inch hybrid mattress fits perfectly over the supportive wooden slats, and my gray-and-white striped duvet cover looks great paired with the dark blue hue. Although I'm not usually one to purchase colored furniture, I think the bed's dark blue shade helps to bring the room together without feeling overwhelming.

To buy: Coddle Pixel Platform Bed, starting at $1,199;

Why I'm Obsessed With the Modular Sofa Sectional

Yes, I ordered the Node Modular Sofa in off-white even though I have a black dog and a gray tabby cat, but before you judge me, hear me out. The Node Modular series isn't an ordinary line of furniture. Not only does it have the same outlets and USB ports as the platform bed, but it's also made with a soft, comfortable fabric that's stain-resistant. Muddy prints and food spills can easily be wiped away with a damp washcloth and pet fur can be vacuumed up once a week. If you're as skeptical as I was, see the before and after photo above for proof that it really does work wonders!

Speaking as a pet owner, the easy-to-clean surface is definitely a bonus, but what made me fall in love with the four-seater sofa sectional is its unique, versatile design that's oh-so comfortable. It can be taken apart piece-by-piece and put back together almost any way you like. This came in handy while I was decorating for Christmas and needed to rearrange my space to fit the tree in the living room without it feeling crowded. While I was intimidated by this sofa at first, it was actually very simple and quick to assemble.

If you have a small space that doesn't accommodate sectionals, or white isn't your color, you have options. Coddle offers traditional two-, three-, and four-seater sofas in Alto-Sand (off-white) and Saratoga (dark blue), and gives you the choice of adding a matching ottoman to your order.

Once everything was set up by the delivery crew, I felt like my home had completely transformed from an incohesive mess to a modern, sophisticated space I am proud to show off to friends and family.

Ever since I received my Coddle furniture I haven't stopped raving about it and I get compliments from all my guests on how stylish and comfortable it is. Trust me, it's totally worth the investment!

To buy: Node Four-Seater Sectional Sofa, $2,592;