These 8 Closet Organizers from Houzz Will Simplify Your Life

Coat room with jackets hanging on the wall and a bench in the middle.

Is your closet full of clothes you haven't seen in weeks or mismatched shoes? If the answer is yes then you definitely need to check out these life-changing closet organizers we found at Houzz—all under $250. (Bonus: a few of our favorites cost less than $20!)

Houzz gray oak closet organizer with ten compartments. photo

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Gray Oak Closet Organizer

Maximize the storage in your closet by installing this oak organizer. Three adjustable clothing racks allow you to hang maxi dresses, pants, and other garments without creating a wrinkle. Place folded t-shirts and sweaters on the top three shelves and shoes in the bottom cubbies. Plus, there's a place to keep all your accessories and essentials in its convenient, concealed drawer.

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Hanging shelf sorter with ten tiers from Houzz. photo

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10 Hanging Shelf Sorter

A girl can never have too many shoes, right? Same goes for shoe storage. Fill the empty space on your clothing racks with these hanging shelf sorters to organize all of your shoes. From workday heels to workout sneakers, this handy organizer holds up to ten pairs of shoes while saving you floor space (and makes your shoes much easier to find).

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Cube organizer with eight sections from Houzz. photo

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8 Cube Organizer

The time has come to tackle the catchall closet that you've been putting off. Start by arranging your essentials in product groupings to keep things organized, and place them into eight baskets (we suggest labeling them to keep things even more in order). Then just place the baskets in this simple cube organizer. From cleaning products to handy tools, everything will now have a designated place to be kept. Style tip: if you don't need to fill up each section with a storage basket, we suggest turning it into a mini bookcase or displaying keepsakes.

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Six gray foldable storage cubs with black handles from Houzz. photo

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Foldable Storage Cubes, Set of 6

One of the simplest and most affordable options when it comes to organizing solutions for your home are fabric storage cubes. They're easy to pull off the shelf with the durable handle, and are super kid-friendly. Place them in the above cube organizer for a perfect pairing.

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Bamboo garment rack with three clothing items hanging and a purse and shoes sitting on the lower shelf. photo

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Bamboo Garment Rack

If you're limited on space inside your closet (or have no closet at all), keep your clothes organized and off the floor by displaying this chic bamboo garment rack in your room. Customizable to your liking, this modern rack comes with one hanging rod and up to four-tier shelving units to showcase your favorite handbags and shoes.

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Over-the-door organizer with six adjustable white hooks. photo

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Over Door Adjustable Hook

Over-the-door organizers are great storage solutions for small spaces (including college dorm rooms). Hook this adjustable organizer on the back of your bathroom, pantry, or bedroom door to hang products that you need easy access to like hats, towels, coats, and umbrellas.

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Adjustable closet rod hanger from Houzz. photo

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Adjustable Closet Rod Hanger

Thanks to this adjustable rod hanger you can double your closet space at an affordable price. It adds an additional rod between the two hanging organizers so no closet space is wasted. Adjust to your liking for hanging all sorts of clothes and accessories to keep your closet organized—for just $38.

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Drawer organizer with several compartments with colorful clothing rolled up inside. photo

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Compartment Drawer Organizer

This storage compartment is about to make your life so much easier if you're looking to organize small clothing items such as undergarments. It's perfect for rolling up socks, underwear, and even accessories like belts—you'll never have to comb through your drawer to find a matching sock ever again.

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