Stylish Closet Organizer Ideas to Instantly Double Your Closet Storage

Closet organizers in neat and tidy closet.

If you're looking for clever (and affordable!) storage solutions to help maximize limited closet space, we've found the organizers that can help make it a reality. From a hanging shoe rack to super slim hangers, these clever closet organizers will transform your wardrobe.

Closet Organizer, Slimline 50-Count Flocked Suit Hangers from Bed Bath and Beyond photo

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Slimline 50-Count Flocked Suit Hangers

It may sound like a small change, but swapping out your bulky clothes hangers for these super slim ones will more than double your closet space. Many of us can admit to a collection of mismatched hangers, which means not only will these space-saving ones be a functional option, they'll also make your closet look more put together. Plus, when you have more room in your closet, it's much easier to select outfits in the morning, leading to a smoother routine.

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10-Compartment Natural Canvas Hanging Shoe Organizer with four pairs of shoes in the pockets photo

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10-Compartment Natural Canvas Hanging Shoe Organizer

If an over-the-door shoe organizer reminds you of the not-so-fun part of college dorm room days, opt for this hanging shoe organizer that hooks onto your closet rod for a stylish alternative. With 10 compartments, this clever closet organizer can hold up to 10 pairs of shoes, yet the slim, vertical design means it takes up less space than a winter coat. Have a large shoe collection? We recommend ordering two. Tip: With shoes like sandals and flats, you can try to tuck two pairs in the same section for smart storage.

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Lynk Tall White Shelf Dividers from The Container Store photo

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Lynk Tall White Solid Shelf Dividers

Say goodbye to wadded up clothes and cluttered shelves; we found a simple solution. These shelf dividers are a great way to keep your clothes separated and neatly folded in piles, instead of stacks that turn into leaning towers. With a slim design you can easily slip on your shelf, you'll quickly realize how much room you can save as well as time when you're not shuffling to find your favorite sweater.

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Umbra Pendant Scarf and Accessory Holder in gold from The Container Store photo

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Umbra Pendant Scarf Organizer

There's no such thing as having too many accessories, but there's such a thing as having a jumbled mess of it all. Don't worry, we've got you covered with this aesthetically pleasing gold square organizer. Featuring 14 slots, you'll be able to adorn it with scarves, jewelry, and belts, resulting in a display that's both functional and pretty. Bonus: When all your accessories are neatly on display, you're much more likely to reach for a new one rather than the first one you see on the top of the drawer.

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Umbra Stash Over-the-Rod Pocket from Amazon photo

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Umbra Stash Over-the-Rod Pocket

Thanks to these accessory organizers, you can add more storage to hangers without taking up any additional space. Simply slip them over the hangers and then use the mesh pockets to store everything from gloves and scarves to clutches and wallets. Finish by adding jackets, coats, and shirts over the storage covers.

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Folding Over-the-Door Hook from Amazon photo

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Yamazaki Home Smart Folding Over-the-Door Hook

There never seems to be enough hanging space in closets, especially with bulky sweaters and coats during colder months. Luckily, you can add more hanging spots to the back of your closet door with this coat rack from Amazon that has enough room for six articles of clothing. When it's not in use, flip the hook back up and the minimalist design helps it disappear into the door.

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Black drawer organizers from The Container Store photo

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Drawer Organizers

If your top drawer (we all know what's stored in there) is crammed and it's impossible to find what you're looking for in the morning, organize it the right way with these handy fabric dividers. Their narrow structure is ideal for panties, bras, and socks, making it easy to locate your essentials whether you're heading to work or the gym. We recommend grabbing a few dividers so you can separate running socks and sports bras from your everyday undergarments.

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