Cheerful Kitchen Decor That Will Brighten Up Your Space

White kitchen with earth toned accent colors and greenery.

You don't need an entire remodel to make an impact in your kitchen. Refresh your cooking space from dark winter hues to warm tones fit for spring and summer. These simple decor additions will give your kitchen the mini makeover it needs for a fresh look this season.

Herb illustrations from Etsy photo

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Botanical Herb Prints

Missing that little detail you can't quite put your finger on? Adding artwork to walls, upper cabinets, or open shelves is a great way to personalize your kitchen. We picture these beautiful herb and spice illustrations in a breakfast nook or hung collage-style on the wall to add color and character to the space. This six-piece collection is printed on an old paper background for a vintage, lived-in feel that adds charm.

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Orange colored runner style rug from The Home Depot photo

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Orange Runner Rug

Cozy up the kitchen with a soft rug in a vibrant hue for an instant mood booster. The orange Boston Accent Runner adds a pop of color to your floors to create a warm, inviting space you'll crave to be in. If you spend a lot of time cooking and entertaining in the kitchen, we recommend pairing this rug with a non-slip pad for extra comfort and safety. As an added bonus, you can toss this rug in the washing machine for no-fuss cleaning.

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Floral towels from Crate and Barrel photo

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Spring Flowers Dish Towels

Hand towels are one of those playful details that can make a statement without the commitment. Swapping them out every so often (or even every holiday) is a fun way to transition with the seasons. For spring, we love these Floral Dish Towels that are both decorative and functional. Keep one handy near the sink and the other draped on the oven door handle with this two-pack bundle.

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Set of three food canisters from Wayfair. photo

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Green Canister Set

With cabinet space at a premium, sometimes shelves and countertops become overflow storage that can make your kitchen feel cramped. With decorative storage containers, you can display and organize everyday items without the clutter. Stow away coffee and tea or dry baking ingredients in these Green Ikat Hannan Canisters to perk up your space. The hand-painted design adds an artistic element to these ceramic canisters that are sure to make your kitchen feel more cheerful and inviting.

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Three painted vases from Anthropologie photo

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Painted Eza Vases

Fresh cut flowers can make a huge difference in any room. They add life, color, and a subtle fragrance that makes you feel at home. Pairing your bouquet with a decorative vase can add contrast and variation, making your display look like a work of art. The Elza Vases make for a spirited centerpiece for your island or breakfast table while adding a pop of color. The brightly colored designs and patterns will make your kitchen feel energetic and ready to welcome the change of season.

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