These 6 Under-Sink Storage Ideas Are Serious Game Changers

Under-sink storage can be tricky, especially when it comes to maneuvering around awkward pipes. But with these six genius organizers, you're sure to find the best combination to bring order to the chaos that may be lurking beneath bathroom and kitchen sinks.

Best Bathroom Sink Storage

Toiletries and cleaning supplies are convenient to keep in the bathroom for obvious reasons, but you don't want them taking over precious countertop or cabinet space (plus you probably don't want all your bathroom essentials on display). If you spend most mornings knocking over bottles under the sink or shuffling through drawers to find the items you actually need, you'll want to take advantage of all that vertical space beneath the bathroom sink with under-sink organizers.

An expandable under-sink organizer, like this $21 Amazon best-seller, gives spare shampoo bottles, cleaners, sponges, and more a tidy home so you can see everything at a quick glance. Another smart solution for under-the-sink storage is utilizing the back of the cabinet door. The Command Under-Sink Cabinet Caddy can hold up to 7.5 pounds, and it won't muck up your cabinetry. For anyone who doesn't have a countertop or cabinets in their bathroom, this clever storage rack was made to go under pedestal sinks.

By using these under-sink storage organizers, you'll achieve a clutter-free bathroom with all your everyday necessities within reach.

To Buy:
SimpleHouseware Under Sink 2 Tier Expandable Shelf Organizer Rack, $21;
Command Under Sink Cabinet Caddy, $18;
Under-the-Sink Pedestal Storage Rack, $40;

Best Kitchen Sink Storage

Just like the bathroom, counter space in the kitchen is a hot commodity—which is why this next storage hack is a game changer. The Rev-A-Shelf tip-out sink front trays transform those purely decorative "drawers" into useful under-sink storage perfect for stashing sponges, utensils, and other small items. (They're also great for bathroom sinks to store razors and toothpaste if they have cabinetry with a fake drawer front.).

Another under-sink storage solution by Rev-A-Shelf is this pull-out storage caddy that is a handy little cleaning station. Slide it out from under the kitchen sink to grab the dish soap when you need it, or remove the whole caddy and carry cleaning solutions and paper towels with you from room to room. To accommodate plumbing and maximize stackable storage, this adjustable under-sink organizer is sturdily built to hold spare cookware and serving bowls. (Note: Set the appropriate pipe width before assembling the shelf.) If you're pleased with how the two-tier shelf cleared out the clutter from under the kitchen sink, try placing another one in the entryway to use as a shoe rack.

To Buy:
Rev-A-Shelf Tip Out Sink Front Trays, from $18;
Rev-A-Shelf Under Sink Pull-Out Removable Caddy, $50 (usually $54);
YOMYM 2-Tier Expandable Under Sink Organizer Storage Shelf, $21;

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