This Shoe Rack Completely Decluttered My Closet—And It's Only $30

Hanging shoe rack with fabric shelves inside closet featuring several pairs of shoes and a few clothing items hanging up.

A shoe rack is a must-have for any closet. It keeps your footwear in view and it clears up shelves or floor space. My favorite one hangs over the door, features cloth shelves, and is totally affordable.

Why I Love the Whitmor 30-Pair Over-the-Door Shoe Rack

I have to start by confessing I have a lot of shoes. A lot. I used to use long storage bins for all my heels and boots. But by keeping them under my bed, I forgot about them and didn't wear them as much as I should have. When the time came to move into a new apartment, I took advantage of the opportunity to downsize and find an organizational solution that both decluttered my closet and made my footwear easily accessible. I headed to the local Bed Bath & Beyond and picked up this shoe rack from Whitmor.

At first I was worried I made the wrong purchase. After assembling the shoe rack and hanging it on my door, it fell down almost immediately—which was especially frustrating since I had just placed all my shoes. But after consulting reviews and the instructions, I realized it was not a manufacturer issue, and I wasn't the only customer who experienced this problem.

When you open the box, you get 12 bars, two metal hooks, four rubber caps, and two frames. What I and many other customers had done was install the over-door hooks after assembling the top bar, but that's not the proper way to assemble this shoe rack. Make sure you slide the hooks on before screwing on the top rung and then place the protective caps. Once I did that, the rack became incredibly secure; it doesn't budge or move even if I slam the door.

My favorite thing about this organizer is it can store way more than the recommended 30 pairs of shoes. The cloth shelves make it easy to stack flip flops or sandals (I currently have five on one row) to maximize space. The only downside is you can't store boots unless you lay them flat. I keep mine on a shelf built into my closet, but if you don't have that option, this boot hanger can work just as well.

To Buy: Whitmor Over-the-Door Shoe Rack, $30;

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