The Best Plant Stand for Every Type of Plant

Best plant stands, living room with beautiful plant stand and a boho couch and coffee table

If your plant collection is one of your favorite parts of your home, then a stylish plant stand (or two, or three) should definitely be on your list of home must-haves. After investing in a pretty ceramic or terracotta pot to house your succulents, ferns, and snake plants, ordering a plant stand that will put these beautiful plants on display is essential. Whether the goal is to elevate a large house plant so it can be enjoyed closer to eye level, or to set a trio of plants on different levels to add visual interest and create an attractive display, a stylish plant stand has the power to transform an entire room.

Cream and burnt orange peckled tripod plant stand. photo

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Best For Tabletop Plants: Tripod Plant Stand

Infuse your home with a modern bohemian vibe with these gorgeous stoneware plant stands. They're designed for smaller plants, and are the perfect heights to set on a side table, open shelves, or TV console. Available in two sizes that range from just four to eight inches high, these stands are ideal for elevating a small pothos or jade plant. Tip: Buy both sizes so you can set them near each other for a multi-dimensional display.

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White planter with wood legs and a green plant in it. photo

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Best For Statement-Making Plants: Mid-Century Turned Leg Standing Planters

Whether your entire home is mid-century modern or you want to add just a dash of the trendy style, this ceramic planter with turned wood legs is the perfect complement to a sculptural cactus or a retro rubber plant. Whether you place this planter in the bathroom or give it a prime place in the living room, it will show off your favorite house plant, but without stealing all of the attention.

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Striped rattan plant stand with bamboo legs. photo

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Best For the Parisian-Chic Home: Rattan Plant Stand

A bistro-inspired woven rattan plant stand is just what you need in a home with European flair. The effect is a little bit boho, a lot elegant, and 100 percent on-trend. We recommend pairing this planter with an equally stunning (yet low-maintenance) spider plant.

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Wide ceramic planter with white bowl and black legs with succulents planted inside. photo

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Best For Succulents: Wide Ceramic Planter

If you've always wanted a garden of succulents, invest in this wide ceramic planter. It's the perfect shape to house small plants, while the metal plant stand helps raise it up so it's easier to admire.

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White plant stand with wood legs and a green plant inside. photo

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Best For a Quick Fix: Mid-Century Wood Plant Stand

Available via Amazon Prime, this plant stand will arrive at your door in just two days, making it the best option if you're looking to spruce up your home quickly before a big event or party. Just pair it with a cylindrical planter that's less than 10 inches in diameter to create a stylish, mid-century-inspired display.

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Natural wood plant stand with three tiers. photo

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Best for an Indoor Jungle: Natural Wood Hyacinth 3-Tier Plant Stand

Set hanging vines and pothos on the top tier, then fill in the bottom rows with cacti and succulents to create a lush-looking focal point. Set this stand in your kitchen, living room, or bathroom—anywhere you want to add some life and freshen the air.

To buy: $56 (usually $70),

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Maxon metallic gold plant stand with multiple round tiers. photo

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Best for Shorter Plants: Maxon Metal Multi-Tiered Plant Stand

If you don't want to care for a large indoor plant, like a fiddle leaf fig tree, grouping smaller plants together on a tiered plant stand can create a similarly dramatic effect. This way, your entire decor plan won't rely on the survival of one single plant.

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