The Best Coffee Mugs for Every Type of Coffee Lover

The best coffee mugs, woman enjoying a cup of coffee.

Whether you're looking for a coffee mug for your office that will collect compliments from your coworkers, or a personalized coffee mug to give to your coffee-loving best friend, these favorites are guaranteed to perk up even the weakest cup of coffee. When poured into a coffee mug that you love, your daily cup (or two, or three) of coffee suddenly turns into a treat. From a pretty floral mug for your afternoon cuppa, to a stylish design that matches your minimalist office aesthetic, all of these options will elevate your everyday routine. Just when we thought we couldn't cherish our daily coffee break any more than we already do, these coffee mugs make it possible.

Best Coffee Mugs, pink and white Personalized World Map Mug sitting on top of a notebook photo

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Personalized World Map Mug

If you and your mother, daughter, best friend, or college roommate live far apart, this custom coffee mug will help you two feel closer every time you take a sip. Customized with the locations of you and your long-distance friend, this personalized coffee mug would make a sweet birthday present or housewarming gift. Remember to buy two: one for your loved one, and one for you to keep for yourself.

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Best Coffee Mugs, black and white Bad Dog Diner Mugs photo

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Bad Dog Diner Mugs

Looking for coffee mugs that will put a smile on your face in the morning? Order this set of four mugs, each adorned with the image of a stubborn pup doing exactly the opposite of his owner's commands. When your kids refuse to listen to your early-morning requests, or when your boss is being particularly demanding, consider these cheeky mugs your personal form of rebellion.

To buy: $35,

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Best Coffee Mugs, blue, white and orange Ceramic Greek Coffee Cup that says

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Ceramic Greek Coffee Cup

First created in the 1960s, this iconic blue-and-white coffee cup design has become one of the most recognizable symbols of New York City. Give your boring cup of joe from the office a little metropolitan flair by pouring it into this ceramic version of the classic cardboard design. Our best advice: Pair this symbolic mug with a delicious black and white cookie. It just doesn't get more New York than that.

To buy: $12,

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Best Coffee Mugs, three coffee mugs including: a light green one that says

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Just My Type Mug

Go ahead, pick a custom coffee mug that fits your personality. Choose from "adventurer," "dreamer," or "romantic," or buy one of all three so you can choose the one that matches your mood each morning. Have a group of coworkers who always join you on coffee runs? Buy the set for the group and let them choose their persona.

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Best Coffee Mugs, white Rim Bone China Mugs photo

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Rim Bone China Mugs

If you're a minimalist who loves a classic white coffee mug, this pretty bone china option is a surefire winner. And when guests stop by, this set of four will have you covered. Want to make it a complete set? Add on the matching tea cups, saucers, and even plates. This also makes a great starter set to give as a wedding gift, and the couple can add on to it over time.

To buy: $25 for 4 (usually $32),

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Best Coffee Mugs, green and white House Plants Mug photo

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House Plants Mug

Have you heard? Plant mom is the new cat mom. Show your plant babies how proud you are by displaying them front and center on your desk. Adorned with cute illustrations of cacti, hanging ferns, and monstera, this mug is more than just a cup, it doubles as decor.

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Best Coffee Mugs, black and white Monogram Mug with letters A,B, or C on each one photo

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Monogram Mug

Everyone will be able to tell which mug is yours when it's decorated with a stylish monogram. Order one just for yourself, or buy one for every member of your family so it's easy to tell whose mug is whose. This personalized coffee mug also makes a cute (and affordable) birthday gift that can be filled with candies or tiny treats.

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Best Coffee Mugs, Marble Mugs Set of 3 in green, blue, and pink. photo

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Marble Mugs Set of 3

Designed to look just like marble, these dreamy coffee mugs will add serious style to your kitchen, especially if you have open shelving. Sold as a set of three, this is a mix-and-match set you'll want to show off whenever friends come over.

To buy: $21 for 3,

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