Treat Yourself to These Little Bathroom Luxuries from Houzz

You don't need to do a major remodel to change the look and feel of your bathroom. These little—and luxurious—upgrades will transform the space from drab to delightful.

Light-wood bamboo bathtub caddy with wine, book, and phone photo

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Bamboo Bathtub Caddy

Reading a book or browsing your phone in the bath is a breeze thanks to this stylish and functional bath caddy. Featuring just about everything you could want in a bathtub tray, it has a dedicated cell phone spot, a built-in wine glass holder, and an upright tablet or book stand. And since it's adjustable to the size of your tub, simply slide its arms out to the perfect length and get relaxing.

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Round wall mirror with thin frame photo

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Round Bathroom Mirror

Give your bathroom an instant (and easy!) upgrade with this best-selling round mirror. It strikes the perfect balance between retro charm and contemporary minimalism with its sleek brass frame and large size. Tip: This mirror would look great anywhere, but is particularly effective in small spaces where it'll appear to increase the size of the room.

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Ivory-colored shower curtain with tiered ruffles photo

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Ruffle Shower Curtain

Still hanging on to that old shower curtain from your first home? It's time for an upgrade. This machine-washable ivory ruffled shower curtain gives the room a romantic, feminine look, yet is still subtle and understated. Simply slide on the shower hooks, hook the curtain onto the rod, and enjoy your instantly-sophisticated bathroom.

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Dark wood laundry hamper with vertical slats photo

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Teak Laundry Hamper

Laundry baskets aren't pretty; that is, until you meet this one. Made from chic natural teak with the bag inside, you'd almost never guess it's a laundry hamper at all. Open the lid, toss in your laundry, and forget all the dirty work that comes next—you'll be too busy enjoying how elegant it makes your bathroom look.

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Hanging planter with white and blue flower pot photo

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Hanging Planter

Some plants thrive in the humid environment a bathroom provides. Help them do their best and look their cutest with this whimsical hanging planter. It easily hangs from a hook in the ceiling and suspends your plant so they're easy to reach when it comes time for watering. We'd place a vine-y plant or full succulent inside to bring some green into the space.

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Light brown rattan stool with intricate details photo

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Rattan Stool

Just imagine the setup with this cute, comfy stool in front of the bathroom mirror. It'll make you feel like a Hollywood goddess while you're touching up your makeup or doing your hair, and can easily tuck under a vanity when it's not in use. We'd also recommend setting a plant on top to make the most of its functionality and adorable design.

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Light pink concrete candle photo

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Concrete Candle

What's a cozy bathroom without a candle? This one is extra-pretty thanks to its rose-hued concrete container, so it's a minimalist piece you'll be proud to show off on your vanity. With its subtle sea salt and sage scent, you'll want to burn it at all hours of the day—though we'd especially love it at bathtime to enhance the relaxed atmosphere. Bonus: Once the candle burns out, you can use it as a toothbrush holder or succulent planter.

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Rain shower head with blue lights photo

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Rain Shower Head

Treat yourself to one of the most luxurious shower heads on the market. You'll feel like you were caught in the rain—without all the hassle of wet clothes and ruined hair. The shower head is adjustable so you can program the temperature and pressure exactly to your liking, along with soothing LED lights that turn shower time into a full-on spa experience. With a shower this nice, you'll never want to get out.

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Jewelry stand with copper stands and hooks photo

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Jewelry Stand

If you're like us, one of the first things you do when you get home at the end of the day is take off your jewelry so you can fully relax and get comfortable. Make sure everything has its place with this chic jewelry stand, with room for necklaces, rings, earrings, and all your other baubles that need a home. With its copper-plated steel tiers and concrete base, it'll fit into your decor whether your style is minimalist, boho, or somewhere in between.

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Gray and white zig-zag patterned bath towels with tassels photo

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Bath Towels

Mismatched towels, begone. This set of two bath towels looks stylish whether folded, hanging up, or worn, with its fun details like tassels and zig-zag pattern. And since they're made of 100-percent plush Turkish cotton, you'll feel like you're wrapping yourself in luxury every time you step out of the shower.

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