7 Chic Types of Holiday Lights That Aren't What You Typically See

Outdoor Christmas lights are no longer a one-size-fits-all affair. Illuminate your house with LEDs, novelty lights, light projectors, and other alternatives to the traditional string light. These are seven of our favorite ideas for creative (never boring) holiday lights.

Icicle lights in cool white from Home Depot hanging from gutters at night time photo

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Icicle Lights

If you truly want to achieve a winter wonderland aesthetic, opt for outdoor Christmas lights that mimic icicles cascading from your roof. This 7-foot Shooting Star is so realistic with its staggered "icicles." It's also energy-efficient with its use of LED technology that consumes about 80% less electricity than traditional incandescent bulbs. Up to 17 strings can be connected end-to-end.

To Buy: $30; homedepot.com

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Red and green pathway lights from Home Depot leading up to the front door of a house photo

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Pathway Lights

Make a festive entrance by illuminating the path to your door with lights that are anchored securely into the ground. This 30-foot string of red-and-green pathway lights can set the tone in a backyard or on a patio and deck, too. In case of accidental stomping, the bulbs are replaceable—and the string can connect end-to-end with four additional cords. Also available in white.

To Buy: $19; homedepot.com

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House with projected red and green lights on the exterior from Amazon photo

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Light Projectors

Don't you sometimes wish you could make your home look magical on the outside without having to actually hang or install any holiday lights? And then control it all from a remote? Enter this projector light, which displays moving red-and-green laser dots right onto the facade of your house. You can even set it to a 2-hour, 4-hour, 6-hour, or 8-hour timer.

To Buy: $50 (usually $130); amazon.com

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LED starburst pendant light for outdoor use from Amazon hanging on the front of a store photo

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Pendant Lights

These decorative pendant lights are a festive touch for the outside or inside of your home, using a simple hook that's nailed or screwed into the surface. The holiday lights use warm, energy-efficient LED technology and are battery-operated. The foil branches are even flexible, so you can custom-style your starburst.

To Buy: $16; amazon.com

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LED string lights with round bulbs wrapped around bare branches from Pottery Barn photo

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LED String Lights

This will be the year you finally ditch those old, traditional string lights you've been untangling and installing on your house for decades. These clear glass string lights use energy-efficient LEDs and have a 150-hour battery life (they operate on 3 AA batteries).

To Buy: Starting at $40; potterybarn.com

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LED rope lights in blue from Walmart photo

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LED Rope Lights

If you're a fan of LED lights and want to forgo bulbs altogether, LED rope lights are the way to go. This 100-foot wire glows blue and can be cut to fit the home's needs. Never deal with replacement bulbs again.

To Buy: $60; walmart.com

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Pure white net lights decorating a bush from Amazon photo

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Net Lights

If you're tired of stringing lights through your shrubs (or other large surfaces), opt for night lights instead. These outdoor Christmas lights—with life spans of a whopping 60,000 hours—are attached to green netted wire, so they lay across your shrubs and blend right in while evenly distributing pops of light throughout. Rest assured, they exceed ENERGY STAR and UL Listed standards for safety.

To Buy: $61; amazon.com

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