These Holiday-Inspired Hand Soaps Smell Delicious—and Won't Dry Out Your Hands

Swapping out your regular soap for a festive fragrance is an easy way to get into the holiday spirit, and Bath & Body Works has plenty of scents to choose from. Add one of its delicious-smelling (and hydrating) seasonal soaps to your bathroom, and you may just find yourself washing your hands for longer than the recommended 20 seconds.

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Winter Candy Apple Soap from Bath & Body Works photo

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Winter Candy Apple Soap

One customer says this soap reminds them of their favorite candy apple treat. It's filled with notes of sugar orange, winter rose petals, and red apple, plus it's made with vitamin E, aloe, and shea extract to keep your hands silky-smooth with every wash.

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Vanilla Bean Soap from Bath & Body Works photo

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Vanilla Bean Noel Soap

Nothing induces nostalgia quite like the Vanilla Bean Noel soap that smells like a plate of your grandma's famous Christmas cookies. The gentle foaming sanitizer is filled with warm caramel, sugar cookies, and fresh vanilla bean fragrances, meaning your hands will smell as good as a December dessert.

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Frosted Coconut Snowball Soap from Bath & Body Works photo

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Frosted Coconut Snowball Soap

The smell of coconut might normally conjure images of beach-side cocktails, but Bath & Body Works completely reimagined the scent for this soap. Cutely dubbed an "island meets igloo" fragrance, it blends creamy coconut with sugar crystals and whipped vanilla to feel more winter-ready than tropical. And weren't you sick of the same old traditional cinnamon scents, anyways?

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Winter Soap from Bath & Body Works photo

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Winter Soap

What does winter smell like, you ask? According to Bath & Body Works, it smells like a "forest breeze" of fir balsam, clove buds, and spiced orange. And judging by the near-perfect reviews on this soap, customers seem to agree. Winter may smell delicious, but it can wreak havoc on your skin, which is why we love that this gentle soap is made with nourishing ingredients like aloe and vitamin E to hydrate your hands with each wash.

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Fresh Sparkling Snow Soap from Bath & Body Works photo

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Fresh Sparkling Snow Soap

We couldn't describe it if we tried, but fresh snow certainly does have its own scent—and this soap's mix of holiday pear and icy melon seems to fit the bill. Customers are calling it the perfect winter scent that smells fresh, fruity, and cool, and with its frosty mint-green hue, the soap is just as pretty as it is aromatic.

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Twisted Peppermint Soap from Bath & Body Works photo

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Twisted Peppermint Soap

Any peppermint soap for the holiday season will do, but an upgraded peppermint soap mixed with balsam and "sugared snow" will become a new family favorite. Reviewers love that it fills their whole bathroom with a fresh and clean scent. Grab a couple extra for stocking stuffers—or to prepare for next year.

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Frosted Cranberry Soap from Bath & Body Works photo

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Frosted Cranberry Soap

This hydrating and soothing cranberry soap is a great addition to a rustic, farmhouse-inspired bathroom. Filled with notes of red delicious apple, blonde wood, and cranberry, of course, this pretty red bottle not only looks like a holiday decoration on its own, but it smells like a classic holiday dish: cranberry sauce.

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