The One Self-Care Product I'm Gifting My Friends This Year

Bath caddy tray with retractable arms, wine glass stand, and book stand placed over a large bathtub

This year, whether it be for Christmas or birthdays, I plan to buy all my friends one present that helps them relax. (And no, it isn't a bath bomb.) Read on to see why I think this bathtub caddy makes the best gift idea for all my favorite people.

A Luxurious Gift Without the High-End Price Tag

Most of the time, I don't know where to start when shopping for my friends. In my family, we all share lists, but my friends always give me the vague, "I don't know," answer whenever I ask what they'd like. Well, I'm prepared this year, because I found the perfect gift idea: this bamboo bathtub caddy from Walmart.

I love this little slice of luxury. It's the gift that keeps on giving and it's in my budget. The bath caddy has space for soaps and shampoos, a book shelf for their favorite literary works, and a spot for a glass of wine (or a cocktail) so they can unwind after a particularly stressful day. Foldable sides make it a great travel companion, and it's available in four colors so I can pick the one that best matches my friends' individual style. I may also pair it with some bath salts or candles.

Some of my friends aren't exchanging Christmas gifts this year, but I'm keeping this bath caddy in mind for future wedding gifts, birthday ideas, and even anniversaries. Plus, at $40 I might even get one for myself, too! I love that it has a spot for my phone so I can watch Netflix while I soak. I've been good this year; I think I earned it.

To Buy: $40;