Outdoor Greencorner Mahogany 9 ft. Octagon Patio Umbrella Jockey Red

Dimensions: 108L x 108W x 103.2H in.Solid African mahogany and stainless steel hardware constructionMarine-grade canvas which is standard for GreencornerPulley lift system for easy use with leather strapMade in USA with easily interchangeable parts1.8 in. solid African mahogany poleChoice of fade- and mildew-resistant colors and patternsFunctional air ventCanopies have a 5 year limited warranty and frames have a 3 year limited warranty. With the Greencorner 9 ft. Afnopies have a 5 year limited warranty and frames have a 3 year limited warranty. With the Greencorner 9 ft. African Mahogany Octagon Patio Umbrella on your patio everyone has it made in the shade. This octagonal patio umbrella is crafted to last from mahogany wood marine-grade stainless steel and weather-resistant acrylic. The components ensure lasting beauty under even the harshest weather conditions. This outdoor umbrella is handcrafted in the USA. It comes in a variety of color options. When it comes to shading your guests better fabric makes a difference. This octagonal patio umbrella has a 100% acrylic marine-grade fabric that is created by a solution-dying process. This process locks color into the fibers to prevent washout and fading. Five-thread stitching creates durable seams that won't fray over time. Canopy Features: 100% solution-dyed acrylic marine-grade fabric 5-thread stitch Fade- and mildew-resistant colors Air vents for stability in strong winds Fire-resistant treatment 98% UV protection (UPF 50) Fluorocarbon finish for excellent water repellency 5-year manufacturer's warranty The frame on your octagonal patio umbrella is made from premium African mahogany hardwood coated with a marine varnish that protects the wood from sunlight and moisture. Water based varnish is ecofriendly and long lasting to preserve the wood grain. A protective sleeve at the foot of the umbrella pole guards against scratches. The hardware components are crafted from low-carbon marine-grade stainless steel. This adds to the umbrella's structural integrity plus prevents rust and white corrosion or pitting often seen on unfinished aluminum umbrellas. This patio umbrella can withstand wind gusts up to 30 mph. Frame Features: Solid African mahogany composition Sturdy 1.8 in. pole 304L stainless steel hardware Water based varnish is ecofriendly and long lasting to preserve the wood grain Thick 1.38 x 0.79 in. mahogany ribs 3-year manufacturer's warranty High Performance ComponentsExceptionally strong and durable African Mahogany has been used in marine construction for centuries with water based varnish that is ecofriendly and long lasting. All Greencorner canopies are made from high quality marine-grade fabric designed to maintain its rich color and functional integrity for years in the most demanding outdoor conditions. The higher quality metal keeps the Greencorner umbrella looking sharp and together for an extended period of time. Table CompatibilityGreencorner umbrellas are large. The sturdy 1.8 in. pole does not fit standard tables and the umbrellas clearance when closed is too low for standard tables. Please keep this information in mind if you wish for your umbrella to be inside a table as these umbrellas were created with the idea of being placed off to the side of tables in order to cover multiple tables and chairs at once. Color: Jockey Red. Material: acrylic/canvas/leather. read more