1Pcs 19.6"x118" 15% VLT Solar Reflective Window Film Tint Insulation Stickers One Way Mirror

Feature:-Sunscreen insulation effect, the best daytime protection, super reflective.-Window film in the summer can block the heat of the infrared as much as 80% or more, greatly reducing the indoor temperature, you can soft light.-One-way effect and concealment effect, decorative and texture strong, simple construction, no residue, can be used repeatedly.-Using environmentally friendly adhesive, tear film can be operated, more convenient.-Is widely used in home, offing environmentally friendly adhesive, tear film can be operated, more convenient.-Is widely used in home, office, shopping malls, factories, curtain wall glass, buildings and other places on the glass.-Indoor can see the daytime outdoor, outdoor can not see the interior.-Night indoor lights, outdoor can be seen coming in, but the film is more vague than before , so the evening suggested hanging curtains.-Precautions:-Clean the windows before applying them. Do not leave any oil and impurities.-Use adhesive tape to install, and then cut the film into the appropriate size.-After pasting, the film should be allowed to stand for about 7 hours without external force to ensure that the adhesive tape is completely adhered to the window.Specifications:Product name: Insulation stickerMaterial: PETColor: Silver,Black,GoldSize: Approx. 50cmx3m/19.6"x118"Thickness: 0.05mmLight transmittance: 15%Comprehensive use of light transmittance: 55%Insulation: 85%Integrated environmental light transmittance: 65%UV protection rate: 92%Type: One Way MirrorWeight: 270gPackage Include:1x Insulation sticker-Installation Notes:-In the glass surface spray detergent water, scrape clean with a scraper.-After cleaning the glass surface sprayed with detergent water.-Tear the back film, tear open the protective film, in the side with glue spray full of detergent water.-Place the side with glue on the glass surface and adjust the position.-Use a scraper to scrape the water from the center to the next.-Finally, trimmed along the of the glass with a utility knife. read more