Franz Porcelain Collection

Eloquent Iris Porcelain Teapot

This lovely Franz Collection Eloquent Iris Porcelain Teapot exemplifies the beauty, craftsmanship and reverence for nature that define Franz Porcelain. Crafted using the purest Chinese clays and a combination of ancient and modern methods, the Eloquent Iris Teapot is a marvel in functional collectible art that will thrill and inspire your guests at any engagement. Gorgeous hues of indigo and cerulean burst from the clean white porcelain in stunning detail to evoke tement. Gorgeous hues of indigo and cerulean burst from the clean white porcelain in stunning detail to evoke the vibrancy of life. It also makes a wonderful anniversary or wedding gift. About Franz PorcelainIn less than a decade, Franz Porcelain corporate commitment to ultimate quality and traditional craftsmanship has made its pieces among the most sought-after in porcelain. Each Franz Porcelain piece begins with a gifted Franz artist being inspired by the beauty and energy of nature. The finest Chinese clays and glazes are then used to create, fire and color each piece in the painstaking time-honored artisan's tradition. Franz Porcelain is created using a blend of time-honored artisan's techniques, personal artistic vision and cutting-edge technology. Each piece begins life on paper as a sketch influenced by the power, vitality and beauty of nature; then, old and new - as well as East and West - meet as current software is used to refine the design and begin its journey to brilliant three-dimensional art. Decades of experience are required to understand and successfully employ the combination of mixing, firing, casting and coloring techniques used by Franz, including specialized skills such as the company's own unique take on undercut molding. Franz F. A. Q. Q: How should I care for my Franz Porcelain?A: Franz Porcelains should be cleaned every few weeks if not used regularly. Wash carefully by hand with mild soap and warm water and dry thoroughly with a soft cloth. Q: What is the meaning of the Franz logo?A: The Franz logo incorporates the calligraphic writing of the Chinese character 'CHEN' and a soaring seagull together in harmony. It symbolizes the core values shared by company employees - a grand vision developed from the glorious history of East and West that expresses pride in being modern Chinese. Q: What do the stamps (signatures) on the bases of your products stand for?A: Basically there are 2-3 stamps (signatures) on the base. One is the Franz Collection logo. The other two are signatures of the sculptor and the designer of that particular piece of Franz Porcelain. It is possible that there will only be one signature if the designer and sculptor are the same. Q: Can these products be exposed to direct sunlight?A: Yes. Each item is fired at over 1800 degrees Fahrenheit. Colors will not fade. Q: Is the merchandise food safe?A: Yes. Franz Porcelain is FDA approved food safe. They are all functional items. Q: Is the merchandise dishwasher safe?A: No. Due to the delicate designs of Franz Porcelain, we do not recommend cleaning Franz products in a dishwasher. Q: Is the merchandise microwave safe?A: Theoretically, Franz Porcelain, due to under-glaze coloring, is microwave safe. However, Franz Porcelain has a greater portion of artistic preference, shape and figure in particular. Considering the size and the complicated 3D sculpture of our products read more