Francesco Molon

Montague Sofa

Sofa, couch, love seat--a rose by any other name would still smell as sweet. Uniquely structured and supremely elegant, the Montague Sofa brings a romantic touch to your home decor. Featuring a cushioned seat upholstered in a cream fabric with vibrant red roses, the sumptuous Montague boasts a deep seat to truly maximize comfort. Its tufted back and nailhead trim finish the look with a polished touch. At 43 inches wide, this sofa is just the right size for relaxing trim finish the look with a polished touch. At 43 inches wide, this sofa is just the right size for relaxing next to your Romeo. - Francesco Molon's Interior Design, established over forty years ago in Romano d'Ezzelino, very close to Venice, Italy. In our company, over a hundred specialized artisans are committed to the creation of unique high-end furniture pieces that are, undoubtedly, magnificent Italian artworks. - In our luxury furniture creations, different artistic styles and movements blend and give life to exceptional pieces, actualizing the ultimate luxury furnishing collections able to cover various purposes and embellish any interior and, especially, capable to fulfill even the most imaginative client. Molon represents the quality of classic Italian luxury furniture and the items are therefore extremely accurate, precious heirlooms.Francesco Molon started his business in 1966 and, with a select group of skilled artisans, achieved his success capturing the rich tradition of ancient techniques, in order to introduce the mastery of Italian luxury furniture production on today's marketplace. Currently, both Francesco Molon and his sons run Molon's Interior Design, and the Company remains committed to the timeless fine design of its high-end furniture and the functionality of its production, which enables furniture to be handed down through generations.- Francesco Molon is a pure Italian Interior Design Professional, an aesthete passionate about art, architecture, history and design, and a devotee for highest-grade materials and refined creative arts. - Welcome to the ultimate High-End Furniture World: Francesco Molon. Live well. read more