This Cuisinart Panini Press Makes Everything From Waffles to Burgers—And It's on Sale

Cuisinart Panini Press making waffles using the waffle plates.

This Cuisinart Panini Press is much more than your average sandwich maker; you can use it to cook chicken, eggs, veggies, and more, too. And right now it's on sale for $20 off the original price!)

The Ultimate Panini Press

It's easy for a kitchen to get cluttered with all the different appliances available these days, but one Cuisinart Panini Press can perform five functions. You can use it as a traditional panini press, or transform it into a waffle maker, contact grill, flat grill, or griddle. It's compact and can be stored in a cupboard or pantry to save some counter space, or you can leave it out for everyday use. What sets this unique griddle apart from others is it's so versatile. Simply swap out the removable plates to fit the food you're preparing and the floating cover will automatically adjust to ensure your food gets the right amount of heat without being squished (it's also easy to adjust the temperature). For $80, the stainless steel panini press includes griddle and waffle plates along with two drip cups and a drip tray. Use the waffle plates, then switch to the griddle to make eggs and bacon for a complete breakfast with fewer dishes. Did we mention all the removable plates are dishwasher safe? Plus, a green light indicator indicates when waffles are done—no more burnt messes to scrape off!

To buy: Cuisinart Panini Press, $80 (Originally $100);