Walmart Just Launched a Unique Coffee Service That Will Change Your Morning Routine for the Better

Meet Roast to Order, Walmart's speciality delivery service that sends freshly roasted artisan coffee beans straight to your door.

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Introducing Roast to Order

Imagine sipping the freshest, highest-quality coffee every morning knowing it was roasted specially for you—all without ever having to leave home. Walmart's new Roast to Order service is designed for just that. The service ships artisan coffee beans that are roasted after you order them straight to your door, no barista or grocery trip necessary.

Whether you consider yourself a coffee connoisseur or just want to sip a great-tasting brew, Roast to Order gives you the options to choose what's in your morning cup. The beans are sourced from Boca Java and Boulder Organic Coffee, two brands whose hand-picked, specialty-grade Arabica beans are among the top 2 percent of coffee beans in the world. Roast to Order gives you the ability to choose your coffee's origin and unique flavor profile, including a Peruvian medium roast and an Ethiopian light roast, plus a number of other delicious blends and flavors. And since all the beans are sustainably farmed and sourced from Certified Fair Trade, USDA Organic Farms, your cup of joe is delicious and good for the environment.

With roasts and flavors for every taste, it's easy to discover your perfect cup of coffee from Roast to Order. You can choose from one of the 45 single-bag options on the site, or build a bundle with two or more bags for complex, delicious flavor in every sip. Roast to Order has dark roast, decaf, espresso beans, and even unexpected flavors like Maple Bacon Morning available in grounds or whole beans, allowing you to customize your coffee experience from start to finish. Since each batch will only be roasted once you place your order, you can rest assured that only the freshest, more flavorful beans make it to your door. And you won't have to change out of your pajamas.
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