7 Clever Products to Help Maximize Your Small Pantry

Make the most of a small pantry space with these storage solutions. From wire baskets to a wall-mounted wine rack, these useful products seriously maximize storage—no walk-in pantry necessary.

Clear glass containers with wooden lids photo

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Glassery Airtight Glass Canisters

Store pantry essentials in style with these glass canisters. Each jar in the set of three is a different size, and each comes with an airtight wood lid that's as pretty as it is functional. Save even more space by stacking the two smaller jars on top of each other.

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Metal rack with white plates and mugs on top and striped towels and a white pitcher and honey underneath photo

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Expandable Cabinet Shelf Organizer

Double your shelf space with this expandable, adjustable organizer. Its white color is stylish and versatile, while its length extends to nearly 31 inches for maximum storage. Set it on your counter or slide it into a cabinet to make the most of the space.

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Silver overdoor rack with 6 baskets photo

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Everyday Home Overdoor Rack

You know that over-the-door shoe organizer you keep in your closet? Apply the same concept to your pantry. This six-basket rack hangs securely from the top of a door to store boxes, cans, or other kitchen items that need organizing.

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Hanging wine rack with 8 racks showing three wine bottles hung up photo

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Cioso Wall-Mount Wine Rack

Why let wall space go to waste? This wall-mounted wine rack keeps your eight of favorite bottles close at hand without consuming precious storage space in the kitchen. It makes a chic style statement, too.

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Industrial wire bin with the word storage on the front photo

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Mesh Wire Storage Basket

Bring functional farmhouse-chic decor into your home with this mesh wire basket. Its mostly open design allows the items you store to stay easily within sight. You could start with one basket or a grab a few for a whole cohesive set.

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Metallic silver wall organizer holding a variety pots and pans photo

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Kitchen Pegboard Organizer

Pegboards aren't limited to the garage. They can be useful in the home as well, providing easy storage for kitchen tools in plain view. This version is stylish, too, in a durable galvanized steel that'll match your stainless steel appliances.

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White 2-shelf lazy susan photo

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Rev-A-Shelf Lazy Susan

Your days of digging through cluttered cabinets are over with this lazy Susan. Two 32-inch shelves provide convenient storage—just spin to easily access what you're looking for. It's specially designed to fit within a cabinet, so you can hide it away with ease.

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