7 Kitchen Essentials That Make Meal Prep So Easy

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Looking for the best machine to chop and dice for you? No problem. A way to cook large meals in a time crunch? Sure thing. We've rounded up seven meal prep essentials from our friends at Houzz to help you achieve your health goals—and seriously cut down your prep time.

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Megachef Digital Pressure Cooker

If you haven't jumped on the pressure cooker train, we highly recommend you take that leap. This handy machine has the ability to cook all of your mealtime favorites in a fraction of the time—about 70 percent less time to be exact. Whether you're cooking for a holiday crowd or meal prepping for the week ahead, this tool should be added to your kitchen arsenal.

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Cuisinart Mini-Prep Plus Processor

Not all of us can keep up with the chopping skills of Bobby Flay, so we reach for this food processor instead. This machine creates uniform pieces of produce in a cinch so you can focus on creating the rest of your meals. Plus, the slim design makes it easy to store or display on your countertops.

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15-Piece Knife Block Set

You may not realize it, but a high-quality set of knives is a serious time saver in the kitchen. With the right blades you can easily chop, dice, and slice your way through meal prepping in no time. This 15-piece set is stocked with specific knives for chopping herbs and cutting produce, setting you up for meal prep success.

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Metal scale for produce. photo

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Silver Kitchen Scale

You can't forget this meal prep hero: the kitchen scale. Kitchen scales allow you to accurately portion servings of food so you can set aside the exact amount you need to help reach your goals. Reach for this tool when measuring cups aren't the right fit—like portioning proteins, raw produce, and more. This year, eliminate the serving size guessing game and invest in this scale instead.

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Recipe book with 100 recipes. photo

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Food52 Genius Recipe Book

If you're new to meal prepping and unsure of where to begin, we recommend investing in a quality cookbook. Food52 Genius Recipes is the perfect place to start your meal prep journey. With over 100 recipes to choose from, you can utilize the recipes in these pages to spice up your routine.

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Enamelware Mixing Bowls with Lids

Great for storing pre-measured meals, these enamelware mixing bowls are a must in every kitchen. If you're a fan of creating delicious salads, these bowls are just what you need. Add your ingredients, a bit of dressing, top with a lid, and shake—prepping and storing your favorite salad has never been easier! Bonus: This set is also dishwasher-safe, which makes clean up a breeze!

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3-Piece Bamboo Cutting Board Set

Every expert meal prepper knows that having a variety of cutting boards on hand is must. When you purchase this set you can designate one cutting for meats, one for veggies, and one for fruits so there's no risk of cross-contamination. And we love the eco-friendly bamboo that makes for the easiest clean up!

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