This Instant Pot Replaces 7 Appliances—And It's Only $75

You've probably already heard about the Instant Pot—the versatile appliance has taken kitchens everywhere by storm. It's one of the top-selling brands on Amazon, and whenever those Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals roll around, it's among the first to sell out—so this year, scoop it up for Amazon Prime Day. Starting July 15 and ending July 16, Prime Day is your chance to score deep discounts on everything from kitchen appliances to tech, and even fashion. While Prime Day deals haven't officially been announced yet, you can get ahead of the curve by picking up the Instant Pot for 25 percent off right now. (And to be as prepared for Prime Day as possible, don't forget to sign up for your free Prime trial so you don't miss out on any sales.)

High Praise for the Instant Pot

Does the Instant Pot really live up to all the hype? Thousands of reviews say it does. Keep in mind that a new generation of Instant Pot is available, but since the DUO60 has nearly 30,000 5-star reviews it's definitely worth checking out.

We found plenty of positive reviews that touch on each of the Instant Pot's functions. Here are a few highlights:

Pressure Cooker: "My first meal was potato soup...I was amazed at how easy and delicious it was to make this soup that would normally take a couple of 20 was ready to eat. AND the soup was every bit as good as my slower version that keeps me tied to the kitchen to stir and monitor until it's done." —Sandy Nannen

Slow Cooker: "What the 6 quart has enabled me to do is to give away 3 pressure cookers of the same approximate size, and 3 slow cookers."—JK

Sauté: "This one device has allowed me to feel like a master chef that delivers exquisite meals. All of the recipes are cooked straight in the pressure cooker, because it has so many different settings like sauté, brown, simmer, etc. This helps tremendously when it is time to clean up. A one-pot cooking monster machine." —Autonomous J.E.N.

Instant Savings

We found top-rated, single-use appliances comparable in size to the 6-quart Instant Pot DUO60 to see just how much this $75 kitchen gadget can save your wallet.

Note: The DUO60 6-quart is best for families of four. The 8-quart (listed at $140) is ideal if you frequently cook for a crowd, and the 3-quart (listed at $80) is perfect for one to two people or to make side dishes. As well-loved as the Instant Pot is, don't be discouraged if your meals don't come out perfectly the first time you use it. Many customers say there's a trial-and-error period, and you can learn from fellow Instant Pot owners by joining the official Facebook page to exchange tips, tricks, and delicious recipes.

To Buy: Instant Pot DUO60 6-quart, $75 (was $100);