This Is The Best Fondue Pot—And It's Only $60

The bar cart is stocked, the table is set, and all you need now is...a fondue pot! See why this little appliance is making a comeback as an entertainment essential.

Cuisinart Electric Fondue Maker

If you've ever been to The Melting Pot (or another fondue restaurant), you've most likely experienced the fun that fondue brings to a meal. There are a variety of fondue pots available so you can bring this experience to your own home. Electric fondue pots are easier to use and clean than other models (such as cast iron), so you get less scorched waste and more gooey, cheesy goodness.

Enter the Cuisinart electric fondue pot—a cooking device that many customers praise because it's versatile and so easy to use. The removable temperature control probe (with eight different settings) allows you to easily cook a wide range of recipes—whether you're making cheese, chocolate, broth, or even cooking meat—reaching 375 degrees in 10 to 15 minutes.

The stainless steel, sleek pot comes with eight different colored fondue dippers, which helps prevent family members or guests from accidentally using someone else's fork. The entire set is dishwasher-safe (just remove the temperature probe and cord first), and the Teflon interior makes it easy to clean by keeping heated foods from sticking. The main complaint, even among top-rated reviews, is that the cord is short—but many reviewers solved this issue by using a heavy-duty extension cord, which hasn't deterred product owners from purchasing multiple fondue pots. Some customers say they now own two or three Cuisinart pots so they can serve sweet or savory dips simultaneously.

Start experimenting with fondue recipes so you can bring a tasty new treat to family potlucks and casual get-togethers. (Tip: Make this chorizo queso in the fondue pot the next time you host game day—you won't even miss the sports bar.) You may even stumble upon a new tradition—family fondue night sounds like an event worth repeating.

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