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Focus Foodservice 904045 4 Strap bread pan set - 5 . 62 inch x 3 . 12 inch pans - Pack of 6

Our most popular loaf pan sizes are available in multiple configurations to provide greater operational efficiency Pans are welded to a heavy gauge steel frame for superior durability Aluminized steel with silicone glazeFeatures- Dimension - 562 x 3 12 in - Top inside - 5 58 x 3 18 in- Depth - 2 316 in- Thickness FramePan mm - 1204- Weight - 38 lbs- Pack of 6Cleaning of Pans- When cleaning your pans, it is very important to take great care to avoid damage to the coa6Cleaning of Pans- When cleaning your pans, it is very important to take great care to avoid damage to the coating andor pans- Wiping the pan with a soft dry cloth is usually all that is required to clean the panTry to avoid washing pans whenever possible- If pans must be washed, use a mild soap or detergent rinse with cold water and dry immediately Do not use alkaline-based or other harsh cleaners, as these will damage or remove the coating and cause corrosion to the pan Do not use abrasive pads to clean pans Water temperature should be as low as possible as steam from hot water will also damage the coating- If pans are washed, pans should be seasoned- Do not use water under high pressure, as this can cause permanent coating failure or coating removal- Never soak pans, as this will also damage the coating- Do not put pans in dishwasher- Make sure pans are completely dry before stacking Store pans upside down if possible Never store pans wetCare of Pans- Prior to baking, pans should be sprayed with a lubricant and placed in the oven for 8 - 10 minutes to season the pan Seasoning will prolong the life of the glazeThe more a pan is used, the greater the amount of lubricant needed- After baking, the pan should be depanned as soon as possible, preferably while the pan is still warm Allowing food product to remain in the pan creates moisture, which can cause glaze lifting and glaze failure- Do not use metal utensils or other objects that could scratch the coating Scratching the coating can cause coating failure and premature corrosion to the pan- We do not recommend storing pans in a cold or damp area Moisture can damage the coating and cause premature corrosion to the pan- Do not store baked or unbaked products in the pans Moisture that accumulates under the product, combined with the sugars and starches in the products, forms corrosive by-products that will dissolve the coating and corrode the pan surface SKU: FCFDSV1466 read more