ELO Cookware

ELO Black Die-Cast Aluminum Kitchen Cookware Pots and Pans Set with Durable Non-Stick Coating and Oven Mitts, 6-Piece, 3-lids

Features: - (1) 6.5-inch Die-Cast Aluminum Casserole Pot - (1) 6.5-inch Glass Lid with Insulated Handle - (1) 8-inch Die-Cast Aluminum Casserole Pot - (1) 8-inch Glass Lid with Insulated Handle - (1) 9.5-inch Die-Cast Aluminum Casserole Pot - (1) 9.5-inch Glass Lid with Insulated Handle - (1) 6.5-inch Die-Cast Aluminum Sauce Pan with Pouring Spout - (1) 9.5-inch Die-Cast Aluminum Serving Pot - (1) 9.5-inch Die-Cast Aluminum Frying Pan - (1) Pair of High Quality Durainch Die-Cast Aluminum Serving Pot - (1) 9.5-inch Die-Cast Aluminum Frying Pan - (1) Pair of High Quality Durable Oven Mitts - Ready to be used on electric, gas, and glass ceramic stoves - Durable non-stick coating on each pot and pan - Insulated bottom for even heat distribution - Ergonomic handles - Dishwasher safe About the Brand: In 1934 Karl Grünewald created a company that sold pots and pans in small regional markets. Later in 1959, his son Karl Grünewald junior started expanding the company by supplying not only small regional markets but also with large companies. The company started developing other innovated goods such as electric cookers and became one of the best-selling products. Due to their infamous best sellers in electric cookers, the name ELO became their company name deriving from the word ELektrO. Soon ELO was registered as a trademark. With constant updates on new designs and innovative technology it’s no wonder ELO was awarded “Product of the Year” in 2011 and the following year ELO was awarded “The Most Innovative Brand of the Year.” The company has been around for over 80 years and is constantly coming up with innovative products. Money Back Guarantee: If you are not happy with our product, simply return the item to Amazon for a full refund, but we are confident that you will LOVE our product! read more