Docamor Detachable Pet Beauty Set Including dog clippers, dog nail grinder, dog paw cleaner and dog toothbrush, IPX6 Waterproof

Docamor Detachable Pet Beauty Set Including dog clippers, dog nail grinder, dog paw cleaner and dog toothbrush, IPX6 WaterproofIf you want to do pet grooming and take good care of your pets, then Docamor detachable pet beauty set could be your best choice. Docamor pet beauty set contains an electronic handle and 4 detachable tools, included paw cleaner, hair clipper, tooth brushand nail grinder. Put them onto the electronic handle, choose one of working strength (lo clipper, tooth brushand nail grinder. Put them onto the electronic handle, choose one of working strength (low, middle, high) then start grooming for your pets. The soft silicone bristles in paw cleaner scrub pet’s paws effectively, 360° rotating tooth brush helpsyou clean pets’ teeth conveniently, hair clipper trim pet’s hair without injury and nail grinder smooths and shapes pet’s claws. Once full charge the electronic handle, it can standby for 4 to 5 hours. Own this pet beauty set, be a professionalpet beautician! Features:1. Detachable Accessories: This pet beauty set contains an electronic handle and four tools of grooming: paw cleaner, pet clipper, pet tooth brush and nail grinder. It’s very easy and convenient to change these four tools by pulling out or pressingthem.2. Three Changeable Working Strength: While using the beauty set, you can change strength as your needs, which includes low, middle and high. Long press the button for 2 seconds, the handle starts working, each short press change a strength, longpress again to turn off the handle.3. Gentle Paw Cleaner: Pets like climbing up and down to furniture and beds, the dirty footprints always annoys you. With this paw cleaner, the soft silicone bristles remove paws’ dirt, mud,or sand gently but effectively, no worries for thedirty footprints anymore!4. Safe Hair Clipper: The clipper can trim your pets’ hair on ears, face, legs, paws,muzzle and butt gently. The safety blade design protect your pets from hurting their skin.5.  360° Rotating Tooth Brush: Once turn on the start button, the tooth brush begin  360° rotating, so it’s very easy and convenient for you to clean pets’ teeth. Brush pets’ teeth occasionally, clean up the food scrap,prevent gum diseases and mouth infection effectively.6. Harmless Nail Grinder: The nail grinder has a shell which makes it won’t hurt your pet’s claws or skin easily. It grooms their claws safely by trimming, shaping and smoothing. Grinding brings healthy claws.7. Long Working Time: With Built-in 2000 mAh battery, It can work for 4 to 5 hours after a single time full charge. The electronic handle is charged by USB cable, which is included to the package.8. IPX6 Waterproof: The handle and tools are all waterproof, so it’s convenient to clean it with water. Specification:Brand: DocamorColor: WhiteSize: Handle:11.5cm / 4.5’’Paw cleaner: 3.5cm / 1.4’’Hair Clipper: 2.9cm / 1.1’’Tooth Brush: 12cm / 4.7’’Nail grinder: 3cm / 1.2’’Weight: 209g Package Content:1x Electronic handle1x Paw cleaner1x Tooth brush1x Hair clipper1x Nail grinder1x USB cable read more