DIDYMOS Woven Wrap Baby Carrier Prima Sole Occidente (Organic Cotton), Size 6

Sole Occident features a gradation from purple to turquoise and on to pink on a dark blue background. Sole Occident is a very light weight model that is perfect for babies and warmer weather. The Prima has been a classic design since Didoes was first founded in 1972. Prima is a complex weave that features fine and graphic patterns forming an unique and timeless design. Prima is one of the most popular weaves as it is an airy weave suitable for all seasons and all cless design. Prima is one of the most popular weaves as it is an airy weave suitable for all seasons and all climates. DIDYMOS Wrap-Style Baby Carriers / Woven Wraps are the most versatile baby carrier on the market. DIDYMOS Woven Wraps are purposefully woven for the sole purpose of baby wearing. DIDYMOS Woven Wraps are the perfect carrier for newborns, supporting a new baby in an optimal position, and they continue to offer comfortable support for you and baby, even as baby grows, all the way up to pre-school age. Choose the right size for you, and this one size will fit all ages and stages of baby development, with many tying options at your disposal. DIDYMOS Woven Wraps offer a custom fit every time. Babies love to be carried and thrive from being held close ESPECIALLY during the infancy stage. Woven wraps are a wonderful parenting accessory that allows for integrating baby care into everyday life, providing a safe and secure place for baby, all while keeping two hands free. All DIDYMOS baby carriers come with detailed tying instructions with many different tying options for front, hip and back carries. DIDYMOS, the company, has been making their baby carriers for over 45 years. Available in sizes 2-8 to suit all needs. For the most flexibility, a long wrap (Sizes 5-8, depending on size of the wearer) will provide the most tying options. For those that prefer less length, a mid-size wrap will still allow for many baby wearing options as well. Ethically made in Austria and Germany, using only high-quality GOTS-certified organic cotton, and backed by a 3-year warranty - IMPRESSIVE. read more