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Nice Rain Clouds Theme Wallpaper Mural for Interior Design, Peel and Stick Wallpaper, Decor You Walls for Any Occasion (R881)

✔️👩‍🎨 👨‍🎨Our ART WALLPAPERS are self-adhesive, fully removable and repositionable! Material we use is stain- and tear-resistant and sticks to any flat surface. The wallpaper is printed using water-based, non-toxic, eco-friendly inks. No wall Damage. Easy installation. Made in USA. Free Shipping to U.S. ✔️FEATURES: Super simple to apply - simply peel off backing paper and stick the wallpaper against the wall (No need for glue, paste or water). Super easy to removbacking paper and stick the wallpaper against the wall (No need for glue, paste or water). Super easy to remove - gently pull the panel away from the surface. No tools required. Walls will not be damaged or in need of a repaint. Recommended for smooth walls. ❓HOW TO BUY: The price is for a panel of 24" wide by the desired height, just measure the area you want to cover and proceed to buy as many panels as you need to cover the whole area. ❓Determining Amount Needed: Measure the width of your wall in inches, and add a couple of inches to account for wall variations. Then, simply divide that number by 24 to determine how many widths you will need. ALWAYS round up to the next whole number. For example, if you need 5.2 lengths, order 6 lengths. Order the quantity of widths you need in the height of your walls. ❓HOW TO APPLY: 
► Wipe your wall, make sure it is dust free, oil free, smooth and dry before you apply it onto it.
► Slowly peel the sticker and apply to the surface carefully.
► Use a hard-Plastic ID card to scrape over the applied sticker to remove bubbles if any. ► It will be better if have apply it with help of another person for easy installation. Note: ✍ Do not apply the wall decals on a newly painted surface, leave for 8 weeks to dry. ✍ Check if the package is not damaged in any manner. It's recommended to be done between two persons. read more