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Ketogenic Happiness: A Low-Carb Cookbook To Improve Health In 21-Days (Over 70 Recipes)

Finally! A Low-Carb Cookbook To Improve Health In Just 21-Days! With Over 70 Recipes!In this Ketogenic Cookbook You'll Learn:-What is Keto diet-How this affects your weight loss-Types of Keto diet-What to eat and what not to eat-The 21-Day Keto Meal Plan-And much more...B R E A K F A S TAnchovy and Asparagus OmeletBaked Bacon QuicheBaked Eggs with Mushrooms and SpinachBaked Parmigiano ZucchiniBaked Salmon and Spinach OmeletCottage Flaxseed PancakesExpress Cinnamon Fand SpinachBaked Parmigiano ZucchiniBaked Salmon and Spinach OmeletCottage Flaxseed PancakesExpress Cinnamon Flax Meal PorridgeLeeks and Pistachio MuffinsMinty Feta OmeletteMozzarella Cauliflower SticksSausages and Pork Wrapped EggsSavory Flaxseed WafflesL U N C HBasil Zucchini NoodlesBeef and Mushroom StewBraised Sour Artichokes (Slow Cooker)Brussels sprouts with Cream CheeseFresh Creamy Cucumber SoupGrilled Lemony ChickenGrilled Squid with Lemon VinaigretteMediterranean Seafood Soup“Red in Green” Hot Salad (Electric Pressure Cooker)Roasted Broccoli with MushroomsSmooth Swiss chard and Spinach PuréeVelvety Leek and Dill SoupWarm Bok Choy Salad (Electric Pressure Cooker)D I N N E RAbsolute Light Tuna BurgersArtichoke and Asparagus SaladBroiled Heavy Loaded EggsCastilian Garlic SoupCheesy Fried Eggplant SlicesCreamy Broccoli and Zucchini CreamLemon Marinated Grilled SalmonLemony Green Beans with Caper VinaigretteMild Cheddar SteakNutty Avocado Chicken SaladRoasted Cardamom Sweet PotatoesRoasted Mushrooms with Parmesan & HerbsSoupe aux Champignons VeloutésSweet Potato with Power Greens and EggsS N A C K SAlmond Crackers with SeedsKeto Bacon WafflesKeto Oysters FrittataMini Ham Omelette MuffinsOlivia Eggplant PattiesRaw Walnuts & Flaxseed PattiesRoasted Herby Sweet PotatoesRoasted Kale ChipsSimple Mustard Beetroot ChipsWarm Turnip Greens and Almond SaladZucchini & Dill MuffinsS W E E T SAlmond Chocolate CreamChoco Almond BrowniesCoconut Carrot MuffinsCoconut Mousse ChocolateGoody Pumpkin Ice CreamKeto Strawberry GateauPeanut-Butter CookiesRaspberry Chocolate CreamSnowhite Lemon SorbetSour Coconut BallsF A T B O M B SBasil-Pecan Sausage Fat BombsBlueberry Nuts Fat BombsChoco Coffee-Coconut Fat BombsGorgonzola Spinach Fat BombsMediterranean Fat BombsMinty Chocolate and Hazelnut BombsPeppermint Fat BombsRich Bacon Fat BombsSalmon Fish Fat BombsSpicy Sausages Fat Bombs read more