Cool Touch

Cool Touch Non-Slip Silicone Oven Mitts | Black, Made with Waterproof, Heat Resistant Silicone, Quilted Cotton Lining, Extra Long – 12.5”, Includes One Pair (Two Gloves)

SOOOO VERSATILE: Grilling? Smoking? Cooking? Roasting? BBQing? Frying? Baking? However you’re prepping your food, you need a good set of heat resistant gloves to get the job done safely. With these handy mitts, you can flip your burgers with ease, stir a pot of soup without worrying about rising steam, and even get a fantastic fire going in your fireplace risk free! Convenient cotton loop lets you hang your mitts in your kitchen or outdoor prep area for easy accessisk free! Convenient cotton loop lets you hang your mitts in your kitchen or outdoor prep area for easy accessibility.QUALITY HEAT RESISTANT SILICONE: When removing a pan from the oven or straining a pot of pasta, the last thing you want is for the heat to penetrate your mitts and give you a painful steam burn. With these oven mitts, you do can stop worrying about that – because they are crafted from durable, heat resistant, waterproof silicone that will not let steam and heat pass. And, the textured silicone ensures a firm grip, so you can safely and comfortably handle even very hot dishes, worry free!EXTRA LONG LENGTH: It’s not only your fingers that are in danger of getting burnt from a hot oven or pot. Your wrists and forearms are at risk, too. That’s why these oven mitts were designed to protect those areas, as well. At 12.5” long, these mitts come up high enough to protect you fully. Because you’re too busy to deal with painful burns!AMBIDEXTROUS DESIGN: Lefties, have no fear…your perfect oven mitt is here! Being left handed in a world of right-handed folks can be challenging, and we know that. That’s why these gloves were designed to fit both right and left-handed people out there. So you have one less thing to worry about!COMFORTABLE COTTON LINING: Silicone is safe. But silicone oven mitts are not nearly as comfortable as traditional cotton ones. Now you can get the best of both worlds with these adorable oven mitts by Cool Touch! Lined with a non-slip quilted cotton, these silicon gloves are soft and comfy enough to get you through loads of cooking and baking marathons. Enjoy the safety benefits of silicon and the familiar comforts of cotton in one convenient mitt! read more