3 Piece Beer Stock Pot Set with Lid Concord Size: 180 Quart

Features: -Accessories includes: 1 x ball valve; 1 x glass thermometer; 1 x barbed hose fitting; 2 x weldless bulkhead fitting; 1 x nipple fitting; Polytetrafluoroethylene tape; hole drill bit.-Kit includes your size choice of kettle and all accessories.-Material: Commercial quality thick 18/10 stainless steel, fully polished.-Easy to remove weld less fittings allows for easy cleaning.-All accessories are made of quality 304 stainless steel with the exception of thegs allows for easy cleaning.-All accessories are made of quality 304 stainless steel with the exception of the barbed hose which is made from higher quality 316 stainless steel.-Every hardware you need to assemble your own brew kettle is included, so all you need is a electric drill and drilling oil to get started.-Comes with everything you need to create your own weld less brew kettle.-Product Type: Stock pot.-Color: Polished.-Primary Material: Stainless steel.-Capacity (Size: 100 Quart): 100.-Capacity (Size: 120 Quart): 120.-Capacity (Size: 160 Quart): 160.-Capacity (Size: 180 Quart): 180.-Enameled: No.-Construction (Layers of Metal): Solid.-Stove Type Compatibility: Induction.-Lids Included: Yes -Number of Lids: 1.-Lid Material: .-Ventilated Lid: ..-Strainer / Insert Included: No -Strainer / Insert Material: ..-Pouring Rims: No.-Country of Origin: China.Spefications: Dimensions: -Ball valve: 0.5".-Glass thermometer: 3".-Barded hose fitting: 0.5".-Weldless bulkhead fitting: 0.5".-Nipple fitting: 0.5".-Hole drill bit: 0.5".-100 Quart: 20" W x 20" D (measurements for pot only).-120 Quart: 22.5" W x 22.5" D (measurement for pot only).-160 Quart: 22.25" W x 22.25" D (measurement for pot only).-180 Quart: 24.5" W x 24.5" D (measurements for pot only).-Height (Size: 100 Quart): 20.-Height (Size: 120 Quart): 22.-Height (Size: 160 Quart): 22.-Height (Size: 180 Quart): 25.-Width (Size: 100 Quart): 20.-Width (Size: 120 Quart): 22.-Width (Size: 160 Quart): 22.-Width (Size: 180 Quart): 25.-Diameter (Size: 100 Quart): 20.-Diameter (Size: 120 Quart): 22.-Diameter (Size: 160 Quart): 22.-Diameter (Size: 180 Quart): 25.-Overall Product Weight (Size: 100 Quart): 26.-Overall Product Weight (Size: 120 Quart): 28.-Overall Product Weight (Size: 160 Quart): 32.-Overall Product Weight (Size: 180 Quart): 36.Assembly: Warranty: Concord Concord Size: 180 Quart read more