Cocoweb, Inc.

Peony Industrial LED Barn Light, Jadeite Base w/ Mahogany Bronze Stem,

Personalized StyleFully customize your barn light with over 3000 different color options available. Choose from seven arms shapes, each come in seven different colors, 5 options for shade styles, each shade also having a large variation of colors to choose from. Custom FinishesIf a larger-style light is more in line with your home, our lines of Oldage and Calla Barn Lights are sure to satisfy. Enamored with traditional elegance, these lights provide a wider cone of lla Barn Lights are sure to satisfy. Enamored with traditional elegance, these lights provide a wider cone of illumination with a maximum size of 18 inches. If you wish to preserve the refined style of the BlackSpot, however, the chrome-plated shade of our Peony line and the classic rustic style of our Goodyear lights capture that same sense of elegant decoration. And rest assured, regardless of the shade you choose, Cocoweb Barn Lights are all MET listed for wet conditions and fully weatherproofed for indoor and outdoor use. Whether shining brightly as a beacon of landscape lighting or glowing softly as bathroom lighting, our barn lights are an enlightening experience.LED TechnologyFor the latest in lighting technology, Cocoweb Barn Lights are powered by cutting-edge LED bulbs shining at a warm 2700K color temperature, a natural lighting experience rated with a brightness of 1600 lumens. In fact, our LEDs work with the highest levels of energy efficiency and last up to 50,000 hours - years longer than the average incandescent or fluorescent bulb. Cocoweb's LED Barn Lights are rich with the vintage elegance of traditional home lighting, but still run with the very best in illumination technology.Energy EfficientWe focus on using the best products for our lamps, which is why we have installed each barn light with a row of LED arrays. Not only do the LEDs last about 67 times longer than an average incandescent bulb, but they also operate at a lower wattage and lower temperature. While providing the same amount of light as one 100w incandescent bulb our LED technology can save thousands of dollars in savings over years, reducing the cost of your electric bill and getting rid of your extra spendings on replacement bulbs.Full DimmableEach light is able to be controlled by most wall dimmers, giving you a full range of brightness up to 1600 lumens.WeatherproofEach barn light is coated with an advanced weatherproof powder paint on a steel frame, allowing the Blackspot to withstand the harshest of environments. Each light is put to the test and has been rated as an MET listed item for indoor or outdoor use. read more