Claus Porto Deco Collection Bar Soap

Formulated with nourishing shea oil, this triple-milled bar cleanses while deeply hydrating for soft, touchable skin. Featuring an expansive assortment of evocative scents, charmingly packaged in a signature print from Claus Porto, each makes a lovely - and memorable - gift. Alface: Gourmand notes of sweet almond and honey temper a base of bright citrus and vetiver, for a comforting, well-balanced scent. Inspired by the strong, arched lines of the Art Deco era, its vetiver, for a comforting, well-balanced scent. Inspired by the strong, arched lines of the Art Deco era, its artisan packaging showcases verdant green and lavish gold. Banho: Bright notes of lemon, verbena, and basil are deepened with musk and a hint of vanilla, for a scent that's straight from the garden. Inspired by the Azulejo tilework that adorns Portugese churches and city walls, its artisan packaging is a beautiful rendition of this intricate ceramic work. Cerina: Evocative of summers spent lounging on Portugal's rugged coast, this breezy blend of white flowers, fruit, and bergamot is designed to exhilarate and refresh. Taking inspiration from the Portuguese galleon, its ocean-hued wrapper features a ship dancing over white-capped waves. Chypre: Taking inspiration from the aromas of the East, this distinctive blend of black currant, vanilla, and peach mixes with jasmine and lychee, for a just-picked, juicy scent. Its artisan packaging - featuring strong, colorblocked lines and a flourish of blossoms - is a redolent homage to traditional Asian design. Deco: Drawing on the lush vegetation of the Portugese countryside, fresh green basil is blended with bitter orange and moss to evoke nature's wonder and calm. Epitomizing the essential Claus Porto aesthetic, the artisan wrapper's angular blue and gold shapes exemplify classic Art Deco style. Elite: An evocative melange of citrus, bergamot, and cedar, this blend is a tribute to the otherworldly beauty and overall grandeur of the Bucaco Woods. On its pale yellow wrapper, delicate rose blossoms and detailed line work create an enchanted forest feel. Favorito: A base of earthy musk is enlivened with fresh floral notes, for a scent that's evocative of a stroll through Portugal's iconic red poppy fields. Dotted with red and pink blossoms, the artisan wrapper invites you to gaze upon an Art Nouveau-inspired garden. Ilyra: Fresh lemon is topped with notes of sweet honeysuckle and blooming jasmine, for a delicate scent that's both feminine and floral. Its artisan wrapping features Art Nouveau-inspired blossoms blooming against a periwinkle sky, for a lovely depiction of a picturesque spring day. Madrigal: Built around the delicate aroma of lily of the valley, this floral fragrance features notes of rose and lilac, with just a hint of vanilla. Roses in shades of pink, blue, and gold bloom from intertwining branches on its watercolor-inspired wrapper. Voga: Playing with botanical fragrances, this captivating bouquet of mimosa, musk, and tuberose is elevated by the sweet scent of the Portuguese Acacia tree. The swirling lines and bold flowers of its wrapping complement an unabashedly feminine aroma. About Claus PortoFounded in Porto in 1887, Claus Porto is a fragrance and beauty brand with a venerable history of quality, authenticity, and elegant design. Having built its name on soaps handcrafted with ingredients harvested from the lush Portuguese countryside, the label is renowned for its beautiful packaging, and is imbued with an artisan spirit and soul - making it a perfect partner for Anthropologie. read more