Classy Groundcovers - Lily Turf 'Big Blue' Lilyturf, Border Grass, Monkey Grass {54 Pots - 2 1/2 in.}

If what you are after is a tall, grassy, evergreen with bloom and berries, Big Blue is the Liriope for you. Slender, high blades of mid-green foliage bow gracefully at maturity revealing heavenly hyacinth-like blooms on spikes from late summer through autumn. Particularly delightful when in bloom, the tight clusters of lilac buds appear similar to lavender from a distance and are followed by ebony berries which drive birds crazy. Big Blue will reward your efforts harom a distance and are followed by ebony berries which drive birds crazy. Big Blue will reward your efforts handsomely if you give him medium shade in loose, light soil that is fertile and well drained, though he will also grow from full sun to deep shade . Requiring virtually no care, this is a classic, iron-tough perennial for difficult sites including drought prone locales and deer hot-spots. Able to handle growing in conditions under large trees , Big Blue, when planted in a large circle or square beneath them, creates a simply stunning display. In smaller quantities as patio accents, Big Blue is delightful in dark iron urns or clay containers. As a border , Big Blue offers a satisfying, swaying edging that seems to bow as you pass by. Things to Note If planting in zone 5 , be sure to check with your local extension to confirm winter hardiness in your area. The gallon plants are shipped de-potted and with most of the soil shaken off. Interesting Facts Though grass-like in appearance and habit, it is not a grass at all, rather it is a member of the lily family native to Vietnam, Taiwan, Japan, and China. Gardener Tips Big Blue is a runner and does not stay in clump form like other varieties of Liriope muscari . It does not spread as quickly as varieties of Liriope spicata , but it does send out rhizomes and slowly spreads that way. Plan accordingly when choosing a planting location. If you are considering purchasing this plant in bare root form, please read about bare root plants so you know what to expect.54 pots, each square pot is 2 1/2 inches on a sideNote: we cannot ship to AK, AZ, CA, HI, NV, OR, WA or outside the US. FREE EXPEDITED SHIPPING (1-3 DAYS) to all other states.Cold hardiness zone: 5/6-10Light: Full sun, Part sun, ShadeMature height: 12-15" read more