Classy Groundcovers - Hedera algeriensis/canariensis {54 Pots - 2 1/2 in.}

A perfect choice for the North American gardener, Hedera algeriensis/canariensis (commonly called Algerian Ivy) is delightfully versatile. Boasting larger leaves, bug resistance, drought tolerance and a willingness to adapt to warmer temperatures than it's "English" ivy counterpart, Algerian Ivy promises to deliver not only gorgeous glossy-green 4 to 6 inch leaves, but also a hardiness that is a gardener's best friend. With a prostrate habit that roots as it spreadsleaves, but also a hardiness that is a gardener's best friend. With a prostrate habit that roots as it spreads along the ground, Algerian Ivy is an excellent choice for erosion control and will even tolerate infrequent foot traffic . She does prefer a bit of shade but is willing to adapt to most soil conditions including a willingness to tolerate salt . Algerian Ivy will do best if the soil is allowed to dry out between watering, giving you a moderate to rapid growth rate guaranteed to fill a space quickly with her lush, big leaves that become a bright bronzy-red in some winter areas and turn green again the following spring. With large leaves and reddish stems, Algerian ivy is a perfect selection for topiaries and trellis forms. Things to Note If you are planning to plant this in full sun, you MUST give it ample water for the first year (until it becomes established). Once established, it will thrive in full sun. However, it should not be planted (in full sun) next to something like a blacktop, since this causes heat intensification. For the greatest chances of establishment before summer, it needs to be planted in the fall or early spring. If you are not willing and able to nurture it the first year we suggest you get Persian Ivy instead, it can be planted in full sun without as much care. - See all ivies54 pots, each square pot is 2 1/2 inches on a sideNote: we cannot ship to AK, AZ, CA, HI, NV, OR, WA or outside the US. FREE EXPEDITED SHIPPING (1-3 DAYS) to all other states.Cold hardiness zone: 7-10 (0 degrees F)Light: Part sun, ShadeMature height: 6-12" read more