Chelsea House

Lantern Chandelier Chelsea House Seville

Product DetailsItem #: CH-2361Dimensions (inches): 31.50H x 23W x 23DDate: NewColor: WhiteMisc: UL-ListedBulb Included: FalseBulb Base Type: Candelabra, CandelabraBulb Wattage: 40WBulb Quantity: 4Collection: SevilleConditionCondition: NewThis is a newly made piece in excellent conditionAdditional InformationMark: Chelsea HouseStyle: Gothic GOTHIC REVIVAL STYLEAs the middle class rose in status and wealth with the advent of the Industrial Revolution, more people wereLEAs the middle class rose in status and wealth with the advent of the Industrial Revolution, more people were able to afford furniture. This flattening of society in combination with technological advancements created a surge of furniture production. Improved transportation meant a greater variety of wood was available at lower costs. For the first time, furniture became accessible and affordable to the common man. From the 1830s to the end of the 19th century, furniture makers reached back to earlier historical styles and reinterpreted them with a great deal of creativity and experimentation. Although machines were used to increase speed and productivity, most of the carvings were still done by hand. Consumers were hungry for large, ornate and heavily carved furniture that would impress their friends and family and show off their newly found wealth.The Gothic Revival style brought back the beautiful and ornate architectural motifs found on Gothic cathedrals built during the twelfth through fourteenth centuries. Hallmarks of the Gothic Revival style include ornate tracery panels, quatrefoil, rosettes, pointed arches (ogives), linen fold motif, gargoyles and monk's heads. These decorative elements are commonly found carved on Gothic Revival pieces, reminding one of large stained glass windows and sculptures found in medieval churches. Most furniture pieces were made of oak or walnut and were finished with a dark stain. On most pieces, the carvings were hand-done and it is interesting to note the unique differences on different carved panels. French consumers clamored for the ornate designs of Gothic Revival furniture and decorative arts, which were viewed as the pinnacle of elegant taste.Object: Lantern Chandelier read more