Round Cast Stone Riverbend Terrace Planter

Durable reinforced concrete construction. Available in a variety of finishes. Low-profile design with traditional look. For outdoor use. The Riverbend Terrace Planter is made from durable all-weather reinforced concrete ensuring years of use. The low design and wide mouth will add great dimension to any garden allowing for a variety of planting options. Plus this planter comes in several color options so you'll be sure to find one to match your decor. The traditiona this planter comes in several color options so you'll be sure to find one to match your decor. The traditional design can be dressed up or down for a refined or informal look.About Fiber-Reinforced ConcreteFiber-reinforced concrete is simply concrete that has been blended with fibrous material which increases its structural integrity and durability. The fibers used are typically steel or glass and they are distributed evenly throughout the concrete mix to help hold it together and reinforce the construction. Fiber-reinforced concrete is resistant to shrinkage and cracking that can be caused by temperature changes or inclement weather.About The Brookfield CompanyMakers of fine large-scale planters and containers The Brookfield Company was founded in 1985 by owners Hilda Gilkeson Jones and John Cline. Together John and Hilda sculpt the original designs that Brookfield still produces today creating a line of unique exceptional products that bring style to any garden. They operate under the philosophy that planters should enhance surrounding areas and make your fine plants and flowers the center of attention; Brookfield's crisp sophisticated designs reflect that idea. Brookfield planters are cast from fiber-reinforced concrete which is highly resistant to weather and breakage. They're designed for use outdoors in almost any climate or location. Color: Natural White. Gender: female. read more