BloemBagz Big Herb Planter, Peppercorn

BLOEMBAGZ COLLECTION by Bloem: If you're short on space, but still want fresh herbs, turn to a BloemBagz Big Herb Bag. Keep it next to a sunny kitchen window, tabletop or close to the cooking area to always have access to your cooking herbs. Make an Italian bag with Basil, Thyme, Oregano, and Marjoram, or grow different varieties of mint to always add a twist to your favorite beverage!Bloembagz are BPA free and different than traditional pots by utilizing a unique 1t to your favorite beverage!Bloembagz are BPA free and different than traditional pots by utilizing a unique 100% breathable fabric technology made from recycled water bottles. BloemBagz were designed to allow maximum airflow and product longevity. The highly durable material is UV resistant and provides exceptional air flow throughout the soil and root system. No more overwatering or root rot worries because BloemBagz allow excess moisture to easily evaporate and drain away. Healthy plants become stressed inside plastic pots during hot summer days but BloemBagz prove to grow bigger, healthy roots with double-layered breathable fabric technology. BloemBagz warm up roots quicker in spring and fall but stay much cooler in the summer compared to plastic planters by releasing excess heat via smart breathable technology. Plants grown in BloemBagz experience accelerates root growth and heathier, larger plants vs growing in the ground or in plastic, clay or ceramic planters. You can grow any type of plant or hydroponic garden inside BloemBagz, the options are limitless. BloemBagz are highly durable, reusable, and last for many years. Select models include heavy duty reinforced handles to make moving and carrying easier, stainless-steel mesh grommets for drainage and select smaller planters also include reinforced grommets for hanging options. Bloembags available in multiple sizes, styles, and colors. Holds 18 qts (5 gallons) of soil and features 6 side grow pocketsMade from 100% recycled polyethylene (PET) material and BPA freeStainless steel mesh grommets offer healthy plant aeration and drainageFolds flat for space saving storage at the end of the seasonDouble-layered breathable fabric and washable Size 11" height by 12" width read more